Get Inspired: 8 Fabulous Ikea Finds Under 30 Dollars

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After spending countless years scouring the many aisles of IKEA from coast-to-coast decorating my college dorm rooms and apartments, when I got a little older and a bit more money in my bank account I graduated to shopping at places like Crate and Barrel and Pier 1 Imports. I basically divorced the store I once lovingly referred to as my décor match made in heaven and I went on about my decorating business putting that big blue and yellow sign in my rear view mirror. Then The Man and I decided we were going to makeover our apartment room-by-room keeping to a tight budget and therefore I had to once again find fabulous décor steals.

And so I swallowed my pride and went back to my old lover, IKEA, and I’m actually really glad I did. It turns out I’d turned my back on it for no good reason at all – the aisles were filled with stylish find for our home that would cost us a third of what we’d become accustomed to paying for décor. IKEA, what was I ever thinking leaving you? Still friends? Yesterday I was so inspired by the things I found I woke up this morning and just had to share. Here are eight great products all under 30 dollars. You’ll find ‘em all online or at an IKEA near you. Enjoy! (I know I did!)

1. STYCKE Interchangeable Textile Shades ($7.00 each.)

Ikea Stycke Lamp Shades

2. UNG DRILL Vintage Inspired Frame ($29.99)

Ikea Ung Drill Frame

3. SOCKERART Vase ($19.99)


4. HULTET Bambo Centerpiece Dish ($7.99)

Ikea Hutlet Dish

5. DOFTA Potpourri Ball Set ($1.99)

Ikea Dofta Potpourri Ball Set Blue

6. STOCKHOLM CIRKEL Pillow ($12.99)

Ikea Stockholm CIrkel Pillow Cushion polka dot

7. PLASTIS Heart and Fish Shaped Ice Cube Trays ($1.99)

Ikea Plastis Heart Shaped Ice Cube Trays

8. JONAKER Six Bottle Wine Rack (19.99)

IKea Jonaker Six Bottle Wine Rack

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2 Responses to Get Inspired: 8 Fabulous Ikea Finds Under 30 Dollars

  1. I love IKEA. I get sucked in every time I go, it's like a parallel universe I go in and the next thing I know weeks have gone by. W

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