The Perfect Marriage Multivitamin (Have You Had Your Daily Dose?)

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The Married Woman's One A Day MultivitaminMy husband and I started getting serious about taking multivitamins when we started losing weight for our wedding day. Before that we never really gave it much thought (a shame I know!) but once taking them became a regular part of our routine we could literally feel the difference in our bodies. We slept better, felt healthier, and lost weight faster. Then the wedding day came and went and we somehow started slowly slipping back into our old ways. It wasn’t until yesterday morning when I noticed an old bottle of Women’s Once A Day sitting on top of the fridge that I realized I probably hadn’t popped one of those humongous tablets in months. Again, shame on us! Then I had another thought — and this one made me smile – we’ve sure been taking our marriage multivitamins because unlike our bodies, our bond feels stronger than ever. So on the train into work I wrote down the “vitamins” that I think make up the perfect marriage multivitamin, and I realized that every couple needs a little of all the things on my list each day if they’re going to keep their marriage healthy and fully functioning. Here’s what I came up with.

The Perfect Marriage Multivitamin

Vitamin A (Attentiveness) – You can’t expect the person you’re with to pay close attention to your needs if you’re constantly overlooking theirs.

Vitamin B (Bravery) – Being fearless in your marriage and unafraid to take on whatever life throws at you will ultimately help you conquer anything together.

Vitamin C (Character) – If either of you isn’t truly being yourself in your marriage you’ll wind up in the middle of deep-seeded issues you didn’t even realize you had. It’s so important to be yourself and allow them to love you for you.

Vitamin D (Directness) – If you feel it or think it, say it. Although there’s still a time and place to do this, keeping things inside will only reflect outwardly in a negative manner in a marriage. If they love you, they’ll want to know how you feel and expecting someone to read your mind never ends well.

Vitamin E (Endurance) – No one ever says marriage is always easy because they’d be lying. So if you want it to work out you better be ready to work at it for the long haul.

Vitamin K (Kindness) – Without this there is no love. Love is kind after all, and we must be good to the ones we love.

Now there are days when The Man and I are weakened by a little vitamin deficiency but ultimately we try to start the next one with a new dose and wash it down with the love we share for one another.

Are you getting your daily dose of marriage multivitamins? Or are you lacking a little of some of the above?

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