Keeping Your Game Face On: Say No To Public Displays of Disaffection

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couple arguing in publicIf you ask anyone who knows us well and who has spent a substantial amount of time with The Man and I they’ll probably swear that we rarely fight and always seem so happy. Now granted, we are very happy these days, BUT we certainly have our fights. Luckily, we both share a common mantra when it comes to couple tiffs: Never bring out your problems in public – always show a united front! We may break a lot of rules in our marriage but this one we won’t even bend on.

In fact I don’t think anyone has ever seen us fight or seriously argue. No joke! They may have heard about it or been the person we vented to, but if you were to ask them what they witnessed, they’d have to answer, “not a thing!” We like to think of it as fighting fair, something we both believe in wholeheartedly. You see when you put a disagreement out there for others to see, I believe it opens a door for their opinions, thoughts, and even judgments to come on in – and you don’t need any of that interference in your marriage. To even survive a heavy duty disagreement with your spouse you need the lines of communication open and clear. People will inevitably have their own feelings about what you’re going through but those don’t matter. I don’t care if it’s your family that you’re amongst when trouble strikes. It’s so not any of their business. The Man and I decided that our problems would be private within months of getting together. We’re both very social people, but our relationship doesn’t need to be the evening’s highlight.

Now I’m not saying that keeping your cool when you just want to choke your husband is easy, because it isn’t by far, but I am saying that it’s a good idea to try to keep it together at least until you get into the car. That’s what we do. This technique may be impossible for some, but I must tell you it has really worked well for us. Do we fight about the same things as the next married couple? Oh yeah! Do our friends and family members have a front row seat? Nope. It is and always will be a private show!

Do you ever fight in public?

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One Response to Keeping Your Game Face On: Say No To Public Displays of Disaffection

  1. I am not married but I have been in a relationship for several (almost seven) years and I have this same rule. "Our business ain't er'body's business" is how I feel. Great post, TB!

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