Dear Husband: Always Remember That I Am Proud To Be Your Wife

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Dear Man,

It’s been a little while since I wrote you a love letter. This is because rather than write just to write, I like to reach out to you when I feel the most compelled to do so. After all the talks we’ve had recently about marriage and gossip, I suddenly feel it’s imperative that I write this little note to you. You know how you hear other woman talk about their husbands and boyfriends in a negative manner all the time and you find yourself asking me if I ever do the same? Well, the truth is women do talk (admittedly sometimes a tad bit too much) to one another about their relationships way more than men ever do.

For us it’s like therapy. If I’m pissed off at you because you keep forgetting to take out the trash, or I hate the way you drive, I’m probably going to bring that up over wine at a ladies night – sorry! Our best girlfriends are our counselors and they’re the ones we confide in when we women need to get things off our chests. Love it or not, this is just the truth. That being said, I want to remind you of a promise I made you a long time ago when this issue first came up. I said to you that I would never ever say anything about you behind your back that I hadn’t already talked to you about in great lengths, and that I would never let the seemingly negative comments outweigh the good. I told you that I brag about you far more than I ever complain, and that I wouldn’t be with you if I felt the need to complain about you to others all the time.

Honey, I meant every single word of that. And to this day, that promise still holds true. So even when you’ve overheard a woman say the most horrific things about her husband, I want you to remember that I will not do that to you, and not only do I love you more than I could say, but I’m also so very proud to be Mrs. Watkins. If you ever find yourself doubting this fact I want you to remember this photo you took of me on our honeymoon. A picture says a thousand words, and this one says that you make me feel happy, free, and most importantly, proud to be a married woman. Got it? Okay, love you!

Maui Honeymoon Boat Ride


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2 Responses to Dear Husband: Always Remember That I Am Proud To Be Your Wife

  1. Love this! Its nice seeing other people in love and not falling apart! My husband and I celebrated 3 years in November! =)

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