100 Things I Would Do If I Were My Husband (Numbers 10-17)

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If I Were My HusbandRemember that impromptu list that came about from me hearing Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy” on the radio one night? Well, the list goes on!

If I Were My Husband I Would

10. Stop sleeping in the same spot on our cheap couch. (His body imprint is starting to show permanently.)

11. Comment on my blog more. I thought he was my biggest fan. (Yes honey this is a hint.)

12. Continue to be patient with me about the whole not changing my name yet thing. (Thanks, babe.)

13. Wear two socks that match.

14. Finish the touch up painting in part one of our our living room makeover already. It’s been like two weeks.

15. Stop eating up all my Weight Watchers snacks and then complaining that healthy food is “expensive and nasty” when we’re in the grocery store.

16. Catch up on all the DVR shows I haven’t watched so my wife can delete them already and make room for the massive space killer that is American Idol.

17. Enjoy a “guy’s weekend” more often because it makes me happy and me wife, as shown this past weekend, really truly doesn’t care.

More to come…

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One Response to 100 Things I Would Do If I Were My Husband (Numbers 10-17)

  1. I am SO with you on #16. We need to come up with some sort of plan to clear the man shows off the DVR.

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