A Message From The Dog: Add A Furry Family Member to Your Home Today

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Adopt the Internet Petfinder Banner Want a pet? Need a pet? Just love pets? Well today’s the day to take action and go find an adorable new furry friend to complete your family. Petfinder.com is celebrating their 15th anniversary today by deeming it Adopt the Internet Day and find as many new homes for dogs as they can. Even if you can’t adopt right now, you can still help out. Put a badge on your blog or website,  take the pledge and help spread the word by replacing your Facebook status and photo with one of the pets from the all-star lineup, or tweet about an adoptable Petfinder pet on Twitter using #adopttheinternet. (I’m asking The Wife to do all three)

Unfortunately, The Man and The Wife won’t even consider bringing me home a brother or sister right now, but they could I know they’d be all over this Petfinder.com gallery. Okay, you have your marching orders humans. (It’s time you took some orders.) Now go adopt a dog or cat today!


The Dog

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6 Responses to A Message From The Dog: Add A Furry Family Member to Your Home Today

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  3. I'm all for adopting pets, and since I'm a pet lover, I plan on doing this one day. Hopefully I can find a small dog and name him Coltran
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