Meet A Wife Monday: Blogger and Necklace Fanatic Jen Stops By

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Jen from A Girl With Pearls and a Boy With ToysA lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous I want you to meet them too. This week, meet wife blogger Jen from A Girl in Pearls & A Boy With Toys!

The Wife: Jen, 27 (in a few weeks)

The Man: Jay, 31

But You Can Call Them: A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys

How She Snagged Him: “I played hard to get for three months after meeting him at a college party.”

Married Since: 9.5.09

jen dog girl with pearlsThe Dog: Batman, A West Highland Terrier, 1 ½ years old

Place They Call Home: “A two-story center hall colonial in The Ocean State.”

How She Pays the Bills: Insurance Geek

How He Pays the Bills: Medical Sales

What Makes Her Man Hot: “He makes me laugh every single day.”

A Wife Highlight: “Since we are apart most weekends, I treasure the random Saturday
each month that we get to plan a date night. A nice dinner either alone or with friends followed by some board games or just snuggling on the couch catching up on the DVR.”

A Wife Gripe: “Tripping over his size 13 shoes that are left all over the house.”

Marriage Mantra: “Always kiss me goodnight. (Don’t go to bed angry!)”

The 2-Year Plan: “We have a baby boy arriving in May – that’s sure to mix things up a little!”

Wifey Wisdom: “Always have fun together. When that stops, then you may have a problem!”

Enjoyed meeting Jen and are hubs? Keep up with their married life over at Jen’s blog, A Girl in Pearls & A Boy With Toys, or find her on Facebook or Twitter.

Want to drop by Meet A Wife Mondays? Contact The Wife to join the lineup.

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  2. femal models says:

    good luck to the both of you.

  3. femal models says:

    good luck and God bless.

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