Join Me In A Weeklong Better Sleep Challenge for Bloggers (It Starts Tomorrow!)

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One Week to Better Sleep BadgeHey everybody! I’m participating in a health challenge for bloggers this week in honor of National Sleep Awareness Week and I wanted to pass along the info just in case it might be something you might want to do too. It’s called the One Week to Better Sleep Challenge and it was created for bloggers who do more blogging than sleeping. (Like me most nights!) I’ve seen a lot of month and yearlong blogger challenges which always sound great but seem like a huge commitment. This one works for me because it’s short and sweet and will help me to learn to get more sleep. (Something I desperately need to do.) The rules for each day of the week can be found here and the challenge starts tomorrow night. Anybody want to join me in an attempt to follow healthy sleep habits and catch some more zzzs this week? If so, you can grab a badge on the Facebook page too! Stay tuned for updates on my weeklong journey.

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One Response to Join Me In A Weeklong Better Sleep Challenge for Bloggers (It Starts Tomorrow!)

  1. theMRS. says:

    I found better sleep on vacation!
    When you dont have to wake up for work.
    Can do whatever you want.
    and are in a different bed.

    I would highly suggest it! hee hee

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