Our New 15 Minute Rule

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15 minute ruleNo woman’s perfect, and for that matter no wife is either. I juggle a lot (marriage, full-time job, blogging, book writing, friends, family) and on any given day there’s a good chance it won’t all get done. And when it doesn’t, sometimes I handle it like a woman and just look forward to tackling the next day, while other times I take the less mature route and throw myself an impromptu pity party. Those moments are no fun, and last night was one of them. There I was sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself and wishing there were more hours in a day so I wouldn’t have to neglect to do so many things I know I have to. Then my husband turns to me and says, “Okay, honey what time is it? It’s 10:05pm, you have until 10:20pm to beat up on yourself. After that you move on. You only get 15 minutes to feel sorry for yourself. That’s not productive!” I just looked at him for a few seconds while my frown started going upside down.

He was so damn right, I was speechless. (I married an undercover genius, ya’ll!) We shouldn’t get any more than 15 minutes to worry about what didn’t happen or what didn’t go as planned. That’s really all we have to spare. Time is precious and we need all the seconds, minutes, and hours we can get in this lifetime to make our dreams come true. Why on earth would we waste it for longer than 15 minutes? I immediately moved to make it a new law in this house. The Man, refers to himself as President of our home, and calls me Congress, voted “yay” too and so became the newest bill to be become a law in our marriage. All we get is 15 minutes of self-pity than it’s on to the next one. We’ve got a home to save up for, goals to reach, and kids to prepare our happy home for one day. Pity, you can pass our door, because you’re so not welcome here anymore!

Do you have any “laws” that you live be in your marriage or relationship?

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6 Responses to Our New 15 Minute Rule

  1. Holly says:

    love this idea… i may start this with my husband… he is such a debbie downer all of a sudden and he brings my good moods DOWN… maybe i will give him 15 minutes to get it all out and then he has to move on!

    you may have just saved my marriage. thank you!

    • ManWifeDog says:

      YAY! I hope so. It was such a simple statement and I think it will be a home run for us. The irony is that he actually throws more self hosted pity parties than I usually do yet he was the genius behind the idea. Let's hope he doesn't break his own rule. I'm going to enforce, enforce, enforce around here! LOL!
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  2. TheSatEvePot says:

    Love this! And such a cute blog you have. Here from the SITS Cocktail. Just now getting around to commenting on some … you think you don't have time for everything now JUST WAIT until the children come!! :) But this was a good reminder not to get bogged down by the frustration of that… I keep telling myself they're only this age once and I have to enjoy the blessings of the stage they're in right now!
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  3. Single Life 2 Married Wife says:

    When my hubs gets home from a week of travel – He gets a half an hour to unwind before we (myself and the dog) get to bug him.

  4. Fabulous post – I love it! You're right that time is just too precious to spend feeling sorry for ourselves.
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  5. MsKaos says:

    Fabulous idea! My house has been a den of melancholy lately and it’s really getting in the way of bigger and better things. Thanks!

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