March Is Money Matters Month On Man Wife and Dog

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Money Matters Month Man Wife and Dog BlogThere’s changing brewing in our marriage this month! The Man and I are buckling down on our spending and trying to correct bad habits and create positive new ones. It’s going to be interesting and challenging I’m sure, but we’ve discussed it too many times and done nothing. So I figured maybe if I commit to blogging about it all month long we’ll pay more attention to it than ever before. I’m excited to tell you the truth. We could use the extra cash in our savings and I’m fed up with our crazy spending habits! (Pity party shopping sprees, vacations on credit, etc.) SO we’re making some major changes this month. Feel free to help us out along the way if you have some tips to share. (Thanks for all the coupon advice yesterday!)

Expect to see lots and lots of money talk from me this month. I can’t help it, I’m obsessed with the idea that we can do better. (I promise to share anything I learn.) Plus, I hope to hear what works for you yours too. We don’t care what it us. If it can help us save some money, we want to hear it!

Now to kick the month off on an honest note our first order of business was creating a massive spreadsheet detailing what we bring in each month in salary versus what we each have to pay. We also included how much total debt we each have and highlighted which items we could potentially payoff in 2011 and those that would have to wait a little while longer. We thought taking in the entire picture would be depressing, but in the end it we really felt sort of empowered by the whole process.

Looking at our entire debt picture summed up right in front of us made it feel like it had an end-point, despite how massive it seemed. We knew then that the debt didn’t go on forever, and tackling it felt more doable than ever. There was a sort of shared sigh of relief and we thought aloud, “That’s the worst of it? We can do this!”

And so we shall, one day at a time. If you haven’t taken a recent snapshot of your total financial situation, I highly recommend doing so before you start trying to reconfigure your budget and spending. It’s scary, but necessary to know what you’re really working with and how money it really takes to operate your household.

I look forward to talking money with you all this month. I’ll be sharing advice, tips, strategies, and of course, our successes and failures. Bye for now!

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10 Responses to March Is Money Matters Month On Man Wife and Dog

  1. alovelydai says:

    Badge added!

  2. Antoni says:

    I really love this wordpress theme!
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  3. Tenisha says:

    Twitter Bestie, have you used I just made an account a few weeks ago and I already see an improvement.

  4. Jordy says:

    oh, money. we all have bad habits when it comes to that. my husband works in the banking industry so he is wired to be a little more conservative with money, but we still struggle to control our spending sometimes! i can't wait to hear about all your tips.
    My recent post Must-dos at your wedding

  5. Tazzee says:

    This is great! My hubby and I both came into the marriage with only mortgage debt. We’re still trying to get a solid budget together because it seems like an emergency pops up every month. I also recommend Mint. It’s helping see exactly where our money is going and when we go over budget in an area.

    Whatever happened with the taxes? I used the H&R Block software and it did a comparison for us. We came out ahead filing joint.

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Re: Taxes

      Yup filing jointly worked out best for us. Either way were were losers this time around, but that way we lost the least. We never even made it to H&R Block. Instead we used Turbo Tax to compare all three options.

      I gotta get home and really check out mint. It clearly comes highly recommended. :-)

  6. What a great post. A few books that I read that I could suggest are " The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey and "Smart Couples Finish Rich" by David Bach. Oh, and then there is "Smart Cookies Guide to Making More Dough" by some gals –can't remember at the moment and then of course there is "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and "Increase Your Financial IQ" both by Robert Kiyosaki. I've read all these books and learned a great deal from all of them. Hope they help. Oh, and btw, I would have loved to been at your wedding, what a blast. My wedding colors were lavendar, silver, and white. ~Cheryl from The WAHM Solution
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  7. We found filing jointly works for us.

    I am stopping by from the SITS Cocktail Party!

  8. Andrea says:

    I'd recommend Mint too. It makes life so much easier.

  9. I'm a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and The Total Money Makeover as well (like WAHM suggested) I've been debt free since 2008 due to his program and lovin it!1

    Good luck meeting your financial goals!

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