Why I Think My Husband Is A Superhero

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my husband is a super hero

This weekend marriage was wonderful! We had some fun, we enjoyed a romantic (and surprisingly warm) walk in the park, and we got a ton of stuff done around the house. Okay, actually, correction: My husband got a lot done around the house. I didn’t do jack! (Guilty!) The Man was like my own personal superhero this weekend. He fixed every little crisis that came up, and then cleaned and cooked and organized too. Then somehow still had enough energy to actually come out and audition for the Newlywed Game with me on Saturday then take me out for a lovely lunch, cook an impromptu romantic dinner, and stay awake through an entire rom-com that I insisted we order and couldn’t even make it through myself. To me that makes him super and I love him so much for it.

I was the lazy damsel in distress and he saved the day every time. Maybe I should learn to sew and make him a cape or something – seriously! I don’t think they make husbands like this anymore, so I’m going to cherish mine forever. So as the president of my superhero husband’s unofficial fan club, my first order of duty is to document his super powers for the record. And they are:

My Husband’s Superhero Qualities

1. He cooks and cleans at the same time. (And does both very well!)
2. He can read my mind instantly. (So he always knows what to say, when to say it, and when I need his help.)
3. He has strikingly good looks and a smile that stops traffic – although most days it just stops me in my tracks. (Making me powerless over ever being angry with him for too long.)
4. He’s unbelievably strong and fit and handy around the house.
5. He can fold laundry and wash dishes at record speeds.
6. He can function fully with very little or no sleep, even when he’s doing something he absolutely doesn’t want to do.
7. He’s willing to climb mountains (with me!) to make our dreams come true.
8. He’s confident in who he is. (I know he couldn’t possibly feel very manly walking our little Yorkie in a houndstooth coat, but he does it anyway without ever being asked.)
9. He’s tough so I don’t have to be.
10. He would jump in front of a train for me.
11. When I need him, he’s there in a flash.

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8 Responses to Why I Think My Husband Is A Superhero

  1. alovelydai says:

    Very nice. And you're right…they don't make them like this anymore. Sometimes I want to shout from the rooftops just how awesome my hubby is but I don't think people will believe me.

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