Calling All Coupon Queens: We Need Your Tips and Tricks!

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using coupons to save moneyBeing newlyweds and all, The Man and I are working hard at saving money in 2011. We’ve always spent more than we’ve saved and shopped impulsively instead of smart. We decided this year would be the year we end it all, but getting there is definitely going to be a challenge. We’re taking things bit by bit and one of the projects we’ve decided to take on is becoming coupon clippers. I’m not going to lie to you guys, I don’t think I’ve ever actually used a coupon for anything other than clothes and bags. I’m all about my personal style so of course I find ways to save on my latest clothing obsession, but when it comes to saving on eggs or toilet paper I could care less – until now. The Man and I are going to give this whole coupon thing a go. So far we’ve clipped and grabbed a few here and there, stuffed them into our wallets and planned to use them — but never actually done so. We can do better. We have to!

We’ve heard people say it saves them hundreds in a year (though who has time to keep track of all that?) and we could use a couple extra bucks in our savings come 2012. So now all we have to do it figure out how to make coupons a regular part of our lives. We don’t have iPhones yet, so no cool coupon apps can help. I try to save the ones they hand us in Shoprite with the receipt but they always seem to be for things we don’t actually by. (Same thing goes for the featured sale items that come in the Costco mailer.) So listen up coupon clippers and frugal folks, we need your tips and tricks! How do you save money using coupons? Do you save enough to talk about? Is there an easy way to find and save them? Share, please! (Thanks in advance, we’re so appreciative!)

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9 Responses to Calling All Coupon Queens: We Need Your Tips and Tricks!

  1. Dee says:

    I do not know Groupons are in your area, but they help sooo much. Especially, if you like to go out to eat, shop, etc. and…

  2. The Sunday paper used to be my #1 source for coupons until I realized I was grabbing the coupon section and trashing the rest of the paper. Now I go online for the same coupons and just print the ones I need each week. Try and Check the websites for the store(s) you shop at. My two main grocery stores offer specials like "Dollar Days" and "BOGO Free" deals that look for online before heading out. You might also want to check out blogs like and to name a few. Happy Saving!
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  3. TLittle says:

    For groceries, I use It costs $15 per quarter, but they basically send you a shopping list each week according to the items on sale at your favorte grocery store, and provde recipes based on those sale items. I can usually then go online to find coupons to go with it to save even more.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I go to,,
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  5. Mrs TDJ says:

    I'm a coupon queen for sure. My techniques include the following:
    1) My local paper, The Washington Post, has a Double Deal paper on Sunday's which include 2 complete sets of coupons. I purchase (2) double deals each week.
    2) Joined a coupon circle at work where everyone brings in their nonused coupons from the Sunday paper on Monday and we swap.
    3) Purchase coupons on ebay for pennies!
    4) Stack coupons. Stores such as Target and BJ's wholesale club will honor their store coupon plus a manufacturers coupon.
    5) Fully utilize BJ's for their coupon policy. For any bulk item that is packaged for individual sale, BJ's will accept one manufacturer's coupon FOR EACH ITEM. Example from Saturday – 4 pack of Degree deodorant for $9.59. They are each labeled so they could be sold individually. I had (4) coupons for $2 off one Degree deodorant. I used all 4 coupons and yielded the whole package for $1.59.

    Sorry to blog in your comments! Feel free to email me for more tips. Good luck!

  6. Susanna says:

    Here's the sticky part.. In order to really be an effective couponer you need to live in a state that allows you to use manufacturer's coupons in conjunction with store coupons. Many states do not. If however you do live in a state that allows you to use both, get your weekly circular with store coupons and specials.. then consult online coupon sites to find manufacturer's coupons. That gets you the maximum savings. if you've seen shows like the one on TLC about extreme couponers (you should watch it!) that is how they do it. I also follow a woman on facebook that was on that show, and she posts coupons constantly. She's called the Krazy Coupon Lady..

    • ManWifeDog says:

      I NEVER would have though of that Susanna! I'm going to look into that and go facebook stalk The Krazy Coupon Lady right now. LOL! Thank you!!

  7. Krazy Coupon says:

    What a great post. We just opened our new website called krazy coupon check it out!

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