Dear Husband: We Have to Stop Fighting Over Who Drives Best

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Dear Man,

Do you realize we have most of our fights in the car? The sad part is we’re not arguing over anything substantial, but rather nitpicking at each other about our driving technique (and lack thereof). What’s going on with us? It’s silly to fight over speed limits, tight turns, and lane-changing every single day. We’re better than this, right? Look, I know I’m the biggest backseat driver of them all, but that’s because I’m not in the back where I can just stare out the window and ignore it, but rather I’m in the freakin’ front seat where I see and feel everything you do behind the wheel. This means I’m going to freak out a little more than I should at time, and you’re going to be annoyed that I did, but I promise to work on this if it means we can drive more than 10 miles together without bickering. We used to have peace in the car, and I miss that. I’m willing to wave my white flag if you are. So, are you? I know you’re thinking “yeah right!”, but that’s no way to begin a cease fire now is it? I’ll do better – I mean it. No more calling you “grandpa” one minute for driving too slowly when I’m in rush, then yelling “slow down!” at the top of my lungs the next when you’re doing 20 miles over the limit. Know that it won’t be easy for me to hold back the side comments and prevent myself from overreacting but if you’re willing to stop switching lanes at the last minute and yelling “calm down!” every time I panic I just know we can get somewhere here. Don’t you? So what do you say? Truce my love?


The Wife

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2 Responses to Dear Husband: We Have to Stop Fighting Over Who Drives Best

  1. Josef Sawyer says:

    Sounds like you all need a 'lil Wayne Dyer in your life. Coming right up

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