4 Things My Husband Should Pay Me To Do (In A Perfect World)

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I just read about a man who pays his wife to do his laundry, and has been since 1996. Technically he pays her in gas money by filling up her tank every time it needs it. It sounds bizarre enough, but it all started because he’s a self proclaimed slob who constantly let laundry pile up to unbelievable heights and his wife had enough of dealing with it. When he asked her to do it for him she said “only if you buy my gas when the tank is empty”. Genius! This actually worked. If only I could talk my husband into bribing me to do things. This couple doesn’t combine their money at all so it works for them, but most days we look at our combined income as “our money” so technically if Gibran bribed me with payment for chores and such he’d be giving me back some of our joint cash right? And that would be kind of silly. BUT, it’s nice to imagine getting “paid” to do the things you don’t want to do around the house or in your marriage, right? In the perfect world, I’d love it if my husband paid me to do the following:

4 Things My Husband Could Pay Me To Do (In A Perfect World)

1. Keep the household bills, appointments, and flow in order. Sometimes reminding him to go the doctor or request time off from work makes me feel like a personal assistant anyway, so why not earn some hourly wages for it?

2. Empty his pockets before putting his clothes in the laundry. If it weren’t for me he’d have washed away cash, a couple cell phones, and a winning lottery scratch off by now – seriously!

3. Keep track of his friend’s birthdays, kid’s parties, and special events. WE get the invites, but I follow up to RSVP, buy the gifts, wrap them, and remind him that we have to show up. Starting to remind me of that whole personal assistant thing again! (Wink!)

4. Give 30 minute back rubs when I’m equally as exhausted. He deserves them for sure, but when my fingertips go numb I’m sure the idea of a receiving some cash in the end would keep them going.

What should your husband pay you to do? Add to my list below ladies – I’m guessing there’s something you would add.

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30 Responses to 4 Things My Husband Should Pay Me To Do (In A Perfect World)

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  2. MsKaos says:

    I agree this is pure GENUIS! We also do the joint account thing but I can find some other ways to barter with my hubby to get those things done that I don’t really enjoy. ;-)

  3. SCV says:

    This is definitely Genius! In a perfect world we should all make yearly salaries for the simple but annoying things that need to get done. My husband should pay me for washing dishes. If I didn’t touch them they would never get washed. I often feel like a scullery maid!

  4. Carly says:

    In a marriage like the described, you are an employee. A 'mine' and a 'yours' are the opposite of a marriage.

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Carly, I couldn't agree more. The concept is funny when you first read it, then reality sets in and you go, "really!?!?" Thanks for leaving some comment love on my little blog.

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