Meet A Wife Monday: Tiffany from The Formerly Unemployed Bride Stops By

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Tiffany from The Unemployed Bride

A lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous that I want you to meet them too. This week, meet Tiffany Mack from Houston and her lovely family!

The Wife: Tiffany, age 37

The Man: Myron, age 37

But You Can Call Them: The Macks

How She Snagged Him: “I friended him on Facebook and the rest is history!”

Married Since: September 26, 2010

The Pet: “No pets just yet but he wants a boxer or an English bulldog. We’re still in negotiations on that…LOL!!”

Place They Call Home: “A 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse in Houston, Texas.”

How She Pays the Bills: Senior Accountant

How He Pays the Bills: Case Worker

What Makes Her Man Hot: “His smile, his arms, his intelligence…I could go on and on!”

A Wife Highlight: “I married a man who is an excellent cook! How lucky am I?”

A Wife Gripe: “For some reason, my husband is powerless to put the toilet paper or paper towels back on the roller. I’m going to take him to the doctor to figure out why he can’t do this! LOL!!”

Tiffany Formerly Unemployed Bride Blog Wedding

Marriage Mantra: “Divorce Is NOT An Option.”

The 2-Year Plan: “We’ve already started practicing for a baby so that’s probably the MAJOR goal we hope to accomplish within two years. Wish us luck!”

Wifey Wisdom: “Prepare for your marriage twice as much as you prepared for your wedding!”

Enjoyed getting to know Tiffany and her hubby? Leave a comment for them below. You can also keep track of her life as a wife on her fabulous wife blog No Longer Unemployed, No Longer A Bride!

Want to drop by Meet A Wife Mondays and introduce yourself? Contact The Wife to join the lineup. (Plus, see past Meet the Wife Mondays guests here.)

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8 Responses to Meet A Wife Monday: Tiffany from The Formerly Unemployed Bride Stops By

  1. Tiffany In Houston says:

    Thanks for the shine Charli!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. Tazzee says:

    Hey Tiffany! I love that mantra.

  3. Nerd Girl says:

    TIH – Love it! And keep practicing…practice makes perfect :)

    Great blog Charli – I'll be back!

  4. bayoucreole says:

    What a beautiful couple…

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