How I Showed My Husband Some Love On Valentine’s Day

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Secret Love Notes I Left My Husband for Valentine's Day

Despite his best efforts to talk me out of getting him a gift I was still determined to show my husband some extra special love on our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife.

My master plan was as follows: Step 1. I woke up super early and planted little love notes and instructions throughout the house where I knew he’d see them as soon as I got up. I went a overboard and included a “Thirsty? You make me hot too!” note on the fridge handle, an “open me now” note on the medicine cabinet where his first card was hidden inside, a “Call me at 6a.m. to say you love me” note on his cell phone, and a “Drive safely, but hurry home, someone misses you already!” not on his steering wheel, among others. Step 2. I took my time and wrote heartfelt handwritten notes inside each of the two cards I carefully selected for him. Step 3. Just when he thought I’d done my bit for the day I came home with a “Be Mine” goodie bag filled with cologne, love scratch offs, his all-time favorite cookies, and chocolates.

Despite his usually grouchy attitude toward the evening, he smiled big time all evening, and told me I made his day — which, of course, made mine. Mission complete, I’m a happy wife tonight. (Well I suppose the surprise gift, special dinner, and full-on pampering I received didn’t hurt either!) Here’s to hoping you and yours made each other equally has happy for the holiday. Goodnight everyone!

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3 Responses to How I Showed My Husband Some Love On Valentine’s Day

  1. Jess says:

    On my first Valentines Day as this man's wife, I wanted to make an delicious dinner. Grilled lemon chicken with roasted red potatoes, spinach and cucumber salad with a homemade lemon vinegrette and homemade crutons topped with suated onions and garlic chunks, but the brother in law (who does have a girlfriend) came over… My romantic dinner for two became a "boys night" dinner for three involving fooseball and video gaming. So not fun.

  2. I hope those cookies made up for the others that didn't come out so well, lol!
    My recent post V-Day Recap

  3. nothing wrong with loving dogs! every time we have the "kids" talk i always feel like adding another pup to the family instead! Dexter NEEDS a sister :-P

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