Should Men Get Gifts On Valentine’s Day?

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valentine's day love candyEvery February as Valentine’s Day approaches The Man and I argue about who the holiday is really for. I hint that I have a special gift for him in mind, then he says, “Baby Valentine’s Day is not fur us, it’s for you!” By “us” he means men, and by “you” he means women.

My husband firmly believes that men could care less about Valentine’s Day and that getting a man a gift or card is a total waste of money, though he’ll likely never tell you he feels this way. I on the other hand disagree for three main reasons: 1. I’ve never seen him turn down one of my gifts or reject a love dovey card. (EVER!) Which clearly means he enjoys my offers of love and gratitude on this day. 2. It’s called Valentine’s Day, not Woman’s Day, and he is my valentine, right? If I’m truly embracing the meaning of this commercialized lover’s holiday, than shouldn’t that than mean that I get my valentine a gift? And that would be my husband, hands down. 3. The last time I was in the card shop I could have sworn I saw a section of v-day cards for “husbands” from “wives”. Do you think a card giant like Hallmark would waste time and ink producing cards people don’t regularly buy? I don’t!

All I know is I won’t show up empty handed tomorrow! And so I ask, whose side are you on?

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21 Responses to Should Men Get Gifts On Valentine’s Day?

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  2. Summer says:

    I get V-day gifties for my pets. Matt gets gifities for his kids (who are a girl and a boy). And I can assure you if I DIDN'T get him something (which I did), he'd be really hurt. Does "The Man" think it makes him too soft to admit he likes getting gifts? Is this more about worrying about his boys might think? Inquiring minds wanna know….

  3. theMRS. says:

    Hasn't he seen the new Hallmark commercials?

    Valentine's day is a time to say I LOVE US.

    They are totally trying to rebrand it. I am interested to see how it goes.

  4. fahmida says:

    See, this is entirely wacky to me. I grew up in Japan, and in Japan, on Valentine's Day (2/14) the women give treats to the men. My father would come home LOADED with chocolates and candy he received from co-workers. And then on White Day (3/14) the men would give women treats. So that's how I think of it – the whole cutting out the man and making it only for the women is very weird to me.

  5. My hubby likes to argue that Valentine's Day is for both sexes, but I'm the one that disagrees. Over the years I've taken note of what's happened to the corny cards, soft teddy bears and chocolates I've given him. They end up in random drawers and corners of the house. (The chocolates always disappear quickly though.) This year my plan is to feed him a grand meal, get a little romance in and call it a night! lol

    • ManWifeDog says:

      I love your plan!! I'm sure he'll be VERY happy!

    • Cam says:

      I hate to say it, but most husbands don't want corny cards and soft teddy bears. Not much of a surprise if they end up in drawers and corners…

      • ManWifeDog says:

        Agreed. My husband makes A POINT these days or making sure I don't get him anything. He goes, "Save your money, babe, please!"

        • Rio says:

          Have you ever thought of getting him something he might actually like? You know, something he might use. What are his hobbies? Get him something pertaining to that. Not a teddy bear. That’s something you would want. That’s like him getting you a power drill for VDay. Would that make sense?

  6. Josef Sawyer says:

    I'm not even gonna read this post but HELLL YEA men should get gifts for Valentine's Day… Those damn beer commercials have women fooled that men are idiotic unemotional creatures fueled by testosterone…

    I make it clear I expect a Valentine's Day gift… Especially if I have to miss any of the NBA All Star weekend festivities for a Hallmark Holiday.

  7. Jeremy says:

    As a whole, I think we men don't care that much about Valentines Day because the holiday isn't marketed for men. But that doesn't mean that we don't want the women in our lives to think outside of the "what's offered at Target" box and say I love you in a way that means something special to us. Sure, we want our significant others to celebrate our love for each other, but not with frilly cards, chocolates and roses.

    To the above blogger: I would HOPE you're man didn't reject a card that you'd given him (that would just be mean and hateful on his part [and your gesture was a very nice gesture]), but that doesn't mean you're telling him that you LOVE him in HIS language. You're saying I love you to HIM in a way that you wish he'd say I love you to YOU. So… then… what's the point…

    Women, if you really want to say that you LOVE your man, then tell him that you love him in his language… and, i don't mean sex.

    Men like to feel important and respected. We like to go off on adventures and hang with the guys. I dare say women, do you love your man enough to say, hey, honey, how about next weekend you spend Saturday with the guys… oh, and here's a gift card to your favorite "man" store.

    Or, "hey let's spend an evening together, but we're going to go see that action movie that you want to see, and then we can have dinner at your favorite bar and grille."

    yah, if the woman in my life did that, then I'd feel respected (as if the "man" things I like to do that are usually ridiculed by woman are actually important enough to her that she's willing to sacrifice an evening for me in order to do them… and share the experience with me)… but if i got a frilly card… well… i'd just be happy that my wife feels good about herself for trying to say i love you in her very female way.

  8. chocholat says:

    I am so old school. I googled this question mainly because I was shocked when one of my daughters asked for help with a gift for her boyfriend, because my rendition of a man "gift" was really different from her interpretation of It was just different for what I knew. (He wanted a nice man sized coffee mug as a gift). My husband and I even discussed this subject this afternoon and he was as surprised as I was. Secretly I realized that my husband and I were "freaks" when we were young and we have two completely different understandings of men's Valentine's Day gifts.

    From my experience, Vday was a day that my husband would buy me flowers and candy. We exchanged cards of affirmations of love as well. My "treat" to him, was a special dinner, then we take a sexy bath/shower together, put on a sexy negligee, light candles, I would give him a massage, and a night of all he could handle (and all I could handle) crazy sex. Made love all night long, and made it worth every rose, chocolate, card and everything else he gave me as a gift. Sometimes he would, as part of my gift, buy a negligee he wanted me to wear for him that night, to which I gladly obliged. Or one of us would get something fun like the sexy coupon books from Spncer's gift store, or the fuzzy handcluff that pop loose all night long, or the adult game boards. But one thing is for sure, he got a hell of a gift back and slept VERY WELL that night. Yup, and woke up with a smile on his face too. Sometimes, I would buy him a pair of sexy silk boxers to wear for me, and once he came home to me wrapped up in a red bow..and nothing else…with a trail of rose buds up to the bedroom..

    THATS how we did Vday when we were young. Now, one or two good rounds put us out for the night…and we still wake up smiling…we can't get into the crazy positions like we used to because we don't want to mess up our backs, and I don't fit a size small negligee now, but we still get our freak on.. : ) I thought great sex was the ultimate man gift back….

    Until today, I thought that was how Valentine's Day was celebrated. When I go to the store I see so many racks of negligees for Vday and other adult items everywhere as products available for purchase. So I assumed the way we did it was the norm. I guess we all learn something new every day…and times have evolved. I managed to tell her how we did it without her blushing too much… its gross to think of mon and dad like that, per her. : )

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  10. Sonja says:

    I think men are just trying to keep the image of "manly man" but deep down inside they enjoy their Valentine's gifts. They enjoy the attention and the feelings shown towards them and they just like to pretend otherwise. I wouldn't hesitate buying him a gift although he says differently. Actions over words show clearly what it really is!
    My recent post Good Valentines Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend

  11. Should gifts be given and floated on walentines day. It is interesting and important issue to be discussed and enlightened. It is implicated and improved for goodness and ascribed nature.

  12. Lily Conway says:

    My opinion, is that every loved person should get their gifts! It is not about gifts, it is about attention and attitude!

  13. rad says:

    nice article

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