6 Topics I Think Every Wife Blogger Should Touch On (At Least Once!)

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I’ve gotten such a warm welcome in to the wifey and relationship blogger community so far and I have to say that although mommy bloggers get all the buzz we’re a pretty awesome bunch ourselves. I find new marriage blogs I love every day and it’s always fascinating to see how although the styles and fonts and photos vary, the topics (especially the hot ones!) are often so similar. My point? We’re all hitting many of the same bumps and having the same thrills on this roller coaster ride known as marriage. We should take comfort in that, and take ideas form that too. I’m often inspired by other topics on blogs (remember my list of things I could do to make my husband happy?) and I believe if you see something that gets you commenting away on someone else’s blog, it’s probably worth mentioning to your readers too. So, here I offer 6 marriage and relationship topics I think ever wife blogger should tackle, at least once! (Especially if you’re hoping for some extra comment love that week!)

1. Wannabe Homewreckers – Wedding ring, or no wedding ring, there’s always someone out there who could care less whether or not you’re in a committed relationships and is just waiting at the line hoping you’ll cross it. What happens then? In my case, I blog about their creepy pickup lines.

2. Having Kids – Did you talk about what you both wanted in the children department before or after you said “I do”? Were you on the same page? It’s certainly one of the biggest decisions in a couple’s life and a topic people will always have differences of opinion on that can be surprising. My letter to my husband about our decision to wait, at least a little while longer, garnered way more support than I ever thought it would.

3. Who Does What? – As I told you all, The Man and I are so not The Huxtables. What does a “typical” married life look like these days anyway? I couldn’t tell you. My grandma would be shocked to hear that my husband does almost all the cooking and cleaning and my old women’s studies professor from college would probably not be happy to hear that I insist on using my female charm whenever we encounter a cop. What’s “normal” like in your home? Blog about it!

4. Your Failures, Be They Large or Small – No one is perfect! My husband burns cookies, and I spend way too much money on impulsive things. Hey, we’re human. As I say in my mission statement for this blog, “after dating for six years, we’ve got the whole love thing down solid, but it’s the marriage thing we’re working on perfecting.” What are you still struggling with? What happens in your not-so-finest hour? Spill those beans!

5. Your Triumphs and Successes – So maybe you haven’t had a beautiful baby yet. That doesn’t mean that presentation you nailed at work or the 5 mile run you just completed together for charity are any less awesome. If it’s a big deal to you both, blog about it. Sharing your happiness and sense of pride can be just as rewarding as the experience itself. When I recapped our 11 favorite moments of 2010 reliving them all in story made me feel even more grateful for the year we had and excited for the new one to come.

6. Your Freak Flag – To quote a scene from one of my all –time favorite movies The Family Stone: “You have a freak flag, you just have to let it fly!” What make us unique is sometimes what make us the most interesting. I doubt all of you readers out there buy a holiday present for your dog and video tape them opening it or go on crazy rants about how the toilet paper should be rolled, but I do, and I’m proud of it! Laughing at yourself can be more fun than you think, especially when a commenter chimes in with a resounding “me too!”

What’s been something you most enjoyed writing/blogging about? Share, please!

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11 Responses to 6 Topics I Think Every Wife Blogger Should Touch On (At Least Once!)

  1. Sabra says:

    Thanks for including my mac and cheese!!! Happy Friday.
    My recent post Floriogprahy

  2. Shannon in San Diego says:

    very good blog ideas!! I might have to use these when I am in need of a good topic! :)

  3. Holly says:

    I videotaped our cats opening their Christmas gifts this year and was amazed when i showed my family the video…how un-exciting they thought it was! Great post!

  4. Just Us says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and thank you for the kind words! :)
    I love these blog ideas! And what a cute family photo you have on your page! We have 2 little Yorkies, best dogs ever!

  5. the MRS. says:

    We talked about all those things before we wedded.
    I love that Adam is from Ethiopian, because I tell him- That's a boy job all the time.

    – Celina

  6. lorenzo says:

    i have started using comment luv and well so new to it i don’t know how good it is but i love looking at all the picture where is this backdrop of? being dyslexic the writing is more difficult but i and giving it a go…

  7. Lucky King says:

    I've just recently blogged about your Number 1 topic a couple days back and I seriously did get a lot of facebook likes but not too many comments tho but that's alright! I'm extremely happy :D
    My recent post How to deal with a woman flirting with your husband

  8. Thanks for including my mac and cheese!!! Happy Friday.
    My recent post

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