8 Things I Like to Do When My Husband Is Sleeping

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Things I Do When my husband is sleepingWhen you share a home together and a lifetime commitment to one another you don’t always get a lot of “me time”. I try to squeeze mine in when The Man is sleeping, since he goes to bed four hours before I do to make his early shift. I realized the other night that some of the things I do while he’s asleep I probably wouldn’t if he were up. This makes them sort of like guilty pleasures, right? So, here are eight of mine:

1. Sneak into the kitchen to seek out and eat junk food that a Weight Watchers devotee like me has no business having handy.

2. Watch shows that make me cry happy tears (like Undercover Boss and Extreme Home Makeover) because I know he thinks doing that is so lame.

3. Talk to The Dog about my day – again, totally lame in his book.

4. Peruse old friend’s pages on Facebook. I call it checking in, he calls it “spying”.

5. Use nail polish remover. (Nobody likes that smell!)

6. Make catch up calls to my out-of-state girlfriends. (I love you Lauren!)

7. Shop online for impulse buys he would normally talk me out of.

8. Take funny photos of him and The Dog sleeping together in the same exact positions.

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27 Responses to 8 Things I Like to Do When My Husband Is Sleeping

  1. Tenisha says:

    I can ALWAYS count on Extreme Home Makeover for a good cry. They never disappoint!

  2. the MRS. says:

    that is when i blog stalk, put on my face mask, take care of my feet & watch scrubs!


  3. Mistress G says:

    This may be off the wall BUT I love the smell of nail polish remover, I promise im not running in my bathroom to sniff it and get high lol :)

  4. Anique says:

    LOL If he's sleeping in the bedroom his "Man Chair" as we call it, is where you can find me! Its just too comfy :)

  5. re: #5
    The Sally's brand nail polish remover, not only removes polish like a dream, it also smells good as far as chemicals go. :)
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