Admit That No Wife Is Good At Everything (And You Could Win A Copy of The Marriage Book Everyone Is Buzzing About!)

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Spousonomics BookDo you remember that hot new marriage how-to book I blogged about pre-ordering last week and have been tweeting about ever since? Just in case you missed it, here’s a quick recap: It’s called Spousonomics: Using Economics to Master Love Marriage and Dirty Dishes, and it’s the awesome culmination of two years of hard work and research done by journalists (and wives) Paula Szuchman (The Wall Street Journal) and Jenny Anderson (The New York Times) who set off to prove that every marriage is its own little economy and therefore brushing up on your economics is in fact the key to a happy healthy marriage. The book is filled with economic lessons, stories from real couples, and honest commentary on what it really takes to make your marriage work.

The Man and I were actually asked to be guests on Yahoo’s Tech Ticker show to talk about our marriage and how certain scenarios in it are relatable to the ones presented in Spousonomics. While I was there I was given a free copy of the book, so I’ve decided to give away the brand new one I just got in the mail from I’m only on the first chapter so far of my copy, but if you’re all about making your marriage work and having fun with it, I can assure you that this book is quite the page-turner.

So let’s make this fun, shall we? One of the concepts in the book is about dispelling the 50/50 division of labor myth. Their tip: Do what you’re “relatively” good at and “trade” the rest. So, to enter to win, post one thing you do best in your relationship and something you don’t. I’m going to read the comments to The Man (without saying who said what) and his favorite get’s the book. (He’s better at making unbiased decisions, so how’s that for some quick and savvy division of labor?) Okay post your answer below. The winner will be selected and contacted at 10 pm tonight.

Don’t want to wait? Order your copy here now.

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11 Responses to Admit That No Wife Is Good At Everything (And You Could Win A Copy of The Marriage Book Everyone Is Buzzing About!)

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  2. Ida Litteral says:

    Wow…this is a tough one, but as Finances have become quite the hot topic in todays marriages…I'll use that as my base.

    I do the financing in the family…I'm a financial advisor where I work so it would only make sense. I feel I have done a great job thus far…

    One thing I don't do that goes along with finances…I am not fair. I will admit, I make my husbands lunch while I go out with the co-workers for lunch. I buy my hubby's tshirts from WalMart when I get my camisoles from Nordstrom. A sale for him is 75% off and a sale for me is 10% off….I think you're getting the point that I fail at being fair!

    It's hard to face since I've been handling the finances for over eight years, but I am pretty much cheating my husband by using his savings! Hope I can be an example to those mom's out there that might even be doing the same thing.

    Anything changed? YES! We do the finances together!

  3. I would have to say I’m best at understanding a relationship needs space and giving each other me time, like I don’t nag about him playing his computer games or playstation anymore because I relize men find it to be a stress reliever and its fun to watch him (a grown man) on his headphones talking to other people ..talking bout, I’m throwing it to you man..comical!

    I’m worst at putting my clothes away….he complains I have too many shoes and clothes and I agree that’s why they all are never put away at the same time… its too much work. I’m a mom, wife, full time govt employee, and part time student can’t I slide on not putting my clothes away even if my husband is a neat freak.

  4. Fahmi says:

    That's pretty much exactly what we do in our relationship – I do things I am good at and he does things he is good at, and the stuff neither of us are good at, we do together. Since the logic is that we can't be worse combined…

    But to pick one – I remember things better, so I keep track of things. The information about what we are doing, and who we have commitments with, how long it's been since we saw someone, and whose birthday/anniversary is coming up and we should do something, or something sad coming up so we need to go over and cheer them up. Even though I put it on a calendar now, he rarely remembers to look ahead more than a day.

    He is better at negotiation, so he handles all that – whether it's navigating the phone tree maze to yell at the credit card company about double charges or dealing with our tenants (after i remind him) or figuring out how to diplomatically get out of a dinner invitation we can't do.

    As for finances, I handle our day-to-day – whether we have money for splurging, paying our bills. In exchange he takes care of our taxes. It feels fair, which is the main thing.

  5. Tiffany In Houston says:

    I manage the finances better and my husband is definitely the better cook. I will cook to give him a break every so often but I am MORE than happy to not have to step into that kitchen unless I am getting something to drink or sweeping the floor!!

  6. Shannon in San Diego says:

    As traditional as it sounds, I handle all the cleaning and organizing around the house and he handles all the yard work. I am a huge neat freak and I have a certain way of cleaning things and my husband quickly learned it was probably better to just let me do things my way then get scolded for doing something wrong. Perfect example: he asked to help me clean, I said "bathroom" (I absolutely HATE cleaning showers….ugh) so off he went. A little while later he prances into the kitchen and offers to clean the butcher block. I say sure and he breaks out his spounge. I ask him where he got it from, "O its the one I was using to clean the bathrooms"…"um the toilets too?"… "yea"….."baby no! You can't clean the toilets and then use the same spounge to clean the butcher block… goes on that!" eeeewwww. So, no more house cleaning for him. He stays outside and does Man things. And let me tell you, he sure can stretch out cleaning the grill and using his shop vac for hours (we have a gardener so he doesn't have to mow!). I don't know how he does it but I'm impressed.

  7. the MRS. says:

    DID I MISS THIS??? Already…. I take one SICK day,

    What I am not good at: laundry. I am terrible at it. I got so used to just being me, that now there are two of us the towels pile up faster than I could imagine. Luckily my hubs is a sweetie.

    What I am good at- I am a planner, there fore we always have a stalked fridge and dinner on the table. I have learned I really like it!

    – Celina

  8. Shazia says:

    So here is the plan… since my fiance has an awesome job and I am currently jobless, I'll take care of the house while he takes care of feeding us. I think that works until I'll get a job, and then we'll work it out. I don't think I'm too old fashioned being ok with this. I've always been for equal rights (I went to an all women's college), but I figure we need to see where there is work and take care of what we can. If I didn't take care of the house while job hunting… who would? It would be terrible to expect my husband to both feed us and take care of the laundry, cleaning, cooking, bills, etc.

  9. ManWifeDog says:

    Ladies, I love that you're sharing! Thank you. I'm enjoying reading them so much. It's nice to know most of us are all about compromise! LOL!

    The Man is standing by to pick the winner in an hour. Stay tuned. This is going to be funny!

  10. The Man says:

    Sorry this took me an hour ladies. It was a tough decision. I don’t appreciate The Wife giving me such a task. She says I’m good at this stuff but we’ll see right? I’m going to say my favorite answer is Ida’s. Why? Because I’m thinking my wife might be doing the same thing to me. Hmm…going to investigate now. So congratulations to Ida. You win the book. Thank you everyone else. I feel bad, but The Wife sat her for an hour telling me I had to pick or I couldn’t go to bed. LOL! I’m sleepy! Ida you win!

  11. @PReinvented says:

    LOL awww so The Man confessed for you Charli! LOL! Thank you very much!

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