Top 50 Cities For Love Revealed! (How Do You Love In Your Town?)

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rules for dating in new jerseyIn what is by far one of the most interesting Valentine’s Day themed stories I’ve read all week, the Daily Beast just released a list of what they deem to be cities  “more love-prone than others”. They used facts like marriage rates, amount of cultural and romantic locations and hot spots, and percentages of single men and women to calculate the top 50 cities. (San Antonio’s #1 in case you’re single and considering a move.) I wasn’t shocked at all to see that not a single city in New Jersey (where we live) or in New York (where I work) made the top ranks. They’re great places to live for so many non-Jersey Shore related reasons, but they can provide quite a few obstacles for lovers trying to stay connected or just go on a great date every once in awhile. So I’m breaking down the ups and downs of loving in New Jersey, and hoping you’ll share some highs and lows from your neck of the woods in the comments section too!

The Highs and Lows of Loving in (North!) New Jersey

High: New York City is like your backyard playground and it’s home to practically anything you would ever want to see or do together — a lot of it being super cheap if you know where to go and which night to be there.

Low: Even though all the NYC fun is no more than 15 or 20 miles away it can take you an hour or more in traffic to get there on a Friday or Saturday night and cost you at least 40 dollars in tolls, gas, and parking before you’ve even ordered a meal.

High: There are like a gazillion little hillside parks and places where you can take in incredibly romantic views of the city from so many different angles.

Low: The rent and property taxes in New Jersey are some of the highest in the country so you’re probably not going to have much of your paycheck left to spend on going out on a date anyway. We rely heavily on ordering on demand movies through cable (the cheapest option by far) when times are tight.

High: There’s no tax on clothing and no shortage of fancy mega malls so if you both like to shop you’ve got the perfect Saturday afternoon right there.

Low: There is no such thing as convenient or cozy public transportation around these parts unless you’re commuting on the train into the city during business hours and taxi prices are high as hell. Meaning you have to drive to get everywhere and if you both plan to have a glass of wine (or two) you might as well just call a cab now or plan to stick around until your buzz wears off.

High: We don’t have to pump our own gas, so that makes for less interruptions and more cozy talk time in the car.

Low: North Jersey is nothing but suburbs for the most part, and though they’re great for a quiet walk with your dog or picnic in the park, they can be a bust when you’re looking for a late Friday night movie or nice dance lounge that’s open late.

High: We’re in a great location for a quick weekend getaway to another city. We’re a little under two hours away from Connecticut, upstate New York, and Philadelphia. (This also comes in handy when the concert nearest you just sold out, but the next leg of the tour is just a state line away.)

So how do you love in your hometown? Inquiring minds want to know!

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