The Tale of the Burnt Chocolate Chip Cookies (Men Can Not Do It All Either!)

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burnt cookies baking gone badTonight I came home to find a super clean house, dinner on the stove, and movie options waiting. It was The Man’s way of saying, “I’ve been cranky lately, but I’m sorry, and I’m back.” Since I had a long day anyway, I was over the moon about this. I thanked him graciously and then hit the couch to wind down with The Dog. I must have dozed because I woke up to the smell of burning chocolate. (My chocolate-dar is on point.) I looked over and The Man was napping on my leg and the cookies he’d planned to surprise me with were turning into hockey pucks in the oven. (Disclaimer: He’d want me to be sure and point out that the cookies were instant, not homemade because “real men don’t bake.”) I jumped up and ran to check on the situation. Gibran came flying behind me and proceeded to pull these babies out. Aren’t they pretty? He was super angry with himself over foiling my surprise, but I just laughed and said, “Honey don’t you know that you cannot fall asleep with food in the oven – ever?” His answer: “I cleaned, I cooked, and yet I screw up the cookies!?”. Yes, honey, even supermen like you can’t do it all! Such is life, right?

So tonight I ate two extremely nasty burnt chocolate chip cookies for dessert because I love my husband and I truly appreciate the idea that he wanted to make tonight absolutely perfect for me even though the universe through him a curveball at the last minute.

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