Fab Posts Friday: Lingerie Cookies, Men Who Fold Laundry, Game Day Dip, and More!

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lingerie cookies game day dip recipes post it love notesWelcome back to Fab Posts Fridays! I read these posts this week and loved them, and I’m thinking you will too!

When I stumbled across the funny rambling in Put It On A Post-It Thursday over at Proud to Be A New Jersey Wife, I laughed so hard it hurt. This New Jersey wife just found another one she adores.

In Living With a Boy IV on (Not) So Single a wife warns of picking battles wisely and admits that it’s not wise to criticize her husband for how he folds the towels, when she should instead be thankful that she has one who will do it when she’s not around to do it herself. (Preach!)

Over on How Does She I got a kick out of learning how to make Valentine’s Sugar Cookie Rated G, PG, & PG-13. If you’re any kind of baker and you’re looking for a special and easy surprise for him, this is it.

In Does It Matter How Your Marriage Starts? on Black and Married With Kids a writer who had a baby, then a wedding, poses this question: Does it matter more how your marriage starts, or evolves? And, you won’t believe how many feathers she ruffled. Her thoughts on the reactions are interesting and thought provoking.

Game Day Dip is a “recipe, which [is] so easy anyone [can] make the thing — even a college sophomore who couldn’t understand Beloved no matter how many times she read it” that I found over on Dinner, A Love Story. I never care about the game, but I’m all about the food. If you are too, you’ll enjoy the recipe and the adolescent tales that accompany it.

Read something great you want to share? Post the link below! I’m all about sharing the blogger love. TGIF!

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