Great Date Idea: Save On Dinner and A Movie (Combine The Two!)

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AMC Cinema Suites experience photos Essex Green

You know how we said we were going to try the new AMC Cinema Suites experience last weekend? Well, it never happened. Instead we showed up a few minutes too late and it was sold out, so we had to turn around and head back home. We were so bummed we vowed to try again this weekend, and it we succeeded. Not only did we discover our new favorite way to see a movie, but we also found a way to save on our favorite type of date – also known as dinner and a movie nights.

Just in case you didn’t read the last post, here’s a refresher. The concept: AMC Theater’s is debuting a new line of theaters where you enjoy a meal and a movie in luxury. They’re called Dine-In Theaters and you can either attend a Fork and Screen showing (plush seats and seat-side service) or a Cinema Suites showing (plush and private reserved seats in pairs that recline and full bar at restaurant service at the click of a buzzer). An experience charge is added to your per ticket cost for each and then deducted from your food bill after the movie’s over. It’s a sweet deal if you think about it. We went with the Cinema Suites experience (The Man was pumped to hit the recliners and sip a beer) and although we paid $15 more per person and a total of $50 for our tickets, we were able to order $50 worth of food and drinks and have a $20 tab after the movie ended. So let’s do the math here: Normally on a Friday night if we go out to eat and order appetizers, entrees, and cocktails our bill can easily be $50 or $60 dollars, plus tip. Then we head over to the movies and spend another $25 for our tickets plus $10 on a shared soda and candy at the concession stand. By the end of the night we’ve spent about $100, give or take, if you include gas, tolls, taxes, and tips. Last night we only spent $70 dollars and we had all the same fun under one roof. That’s what I call smart saving!

Overall we enjoyed the experience. We were greeted upon entry to the theater and escorted to our assigned seats, which had a private wall behind it that made it so private we forget anyone else was even there. Next we reviewed the yummy menu which included traditional favorites like margaritas, buffalo wings, and steak fajitas. Then we pressed the little buttons on our chairs, reclined our seats all the way back, and waited on the server to come take our order. She was friendly and the food came fast. Plus, it was actually delicious. (Though there weren’t any healthy options on the menu beside salads – boo!) It was so delicious in fact that my husband fell asleep in full recline mode just a few minutes after finishing his meal. In his defense The Dilemma was awful though we’re both die-hard Vince Vaughn fans. All in all it was a great experience and definitely one we plan to do again, and again. So, if you’re into dinner and a movie nights like we are look for an AMC Dine In Theater near you and enjoy having $20 extra bucks in your pockets.

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10 Responses to Great Date Idea: Save On Dinner and A Movie (Combine The Two!)

  1. theMRS. says:

    I WISH we had one of these. We love going to the movies, this would be the perfect night for us.

  2. I am glad ya'll got a chance to go back. We actually found another place down here called Studi Movie Grill that we are going to try next weekend!

  3. Lauren says:

    You look so cute and the theater looks super comfy! II don't know if I could make it through the movie!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Love the pics! bet the dog was mad he didn't get to go =)

  5. Sammi says:

    I'm so glad you put this on here. I just did some research and found a theater nearby. Tickets are only $3! And the food is super affordable. They say the seats are nice but even if they aren't $3 for a movie ticket is a STEAL. And the food sounds yummy. Yay for dine-in theaters!

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