4 Things You Should Always Let Your Husband Handle (Even If He Knows You Can)

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Have you seen this Mentos commercial? It’s the one where a couple is sitting on the couch, the woman sees a spider and freaks out and then her guy tries to kill it and gets his ass kicked? It is funny times ten and reminds me of many a moment Gibran and I have had regarding insects and critters in the home (minus him getting his butt kicked by one of course). Although I’m slightly embarrassed to admit it, for the longest time, I couldn’t stand to see a bug indoors and would chose to scream at the problem instead of fix it. He usually just laughs at me, give me an oh-please look, and tries to find a way to get rid of the little guy without actually killing it – mice excluded, of course.

This was sort of our “routine” forever and then one day a creepy crawler paid me a visit and he wasn’t home. There was a thousand-leg waiting for me in our shower and I had to face my fear fast, or chicken out and go to work smelly. So I rose to the occasion and gagged a little, screamed a lot, and somehow still succeeded at squishing it with a paper towel. Then I went on with my day. When Gibran came home and I told him what I’d done his jaw hit the rug. He was so proud. I told him I didn’t want to be silly and bug him to do all the little things that I can do but just refuse to. Then he made an excellent point when he said to me, “baby I know you can do it, but as long as I’m around you shouldn’t have to do it!” Agreed honey! What matters most is that I proved to myself that when the situation called for it, I could.

This commercial brought me back to that moment and got me to thinking about the other things I let my husband handle, not because I can’t, but because he should. Here they are, and might I recommend adding them to your boo’s chore list, ladies?

1. Set/clean out vermon traps. It’s just gross and not something we women should have to deal with unless there’s no guy around. It’s a dirty job for a pretty lady. Want to help? Head to Home Depot and buy the traps or bug spray. That’s all the help they need on this one.

2. Moving boxes or heavy lifting. Yes, you’re the queen at kick boxing and a regular at the gym, but you still shouldn’t risk a back injury or breaking a nail if he’s around — seriously. Whenever we’ve got to change locations my rule is, I pack and unpack, you carry. Case closed!

3. Face-to-face complaints to the neighbors. This one only applies mostly to those of us who haven’t yet bought our first homes and are forced to deal with overcrowded apartment complexes and then walls, but you suburbians might be able to relate too . If your neighbors are playing music to loudly at night, throwing rowdy parties too much, or doing something else that’s really disrespectful let him make that house call. You’re gonna want to (I get fired up and always do!) but since you may not always know for sure who’ll answer that door and how they’ll respond to your gripes, he’ll feel better if you let him pay them a visit instead of you. Gibran flips out if I confront a neighbor without at least his presence in the building. I don’t totally agree but I get why it matters to him. (I think it’s the whole they want to be our superman thing – wink, wink!)

4. Pumping gas late night, or in our case, on obscure highway exits. We live in Jersey, so we don’t pump our own gas often, but when we have to my husband likes to do it. No matter where you live, sometimes it seems the creepiest people hang out around gas stations. (Have you done a scan lately?) Filthy beggar? Check! Unemployed weirdo looking for odd jobs? Check! Need I say more? Gibran likes to say: “Standing there waiting while the gas pumps makes you a sitting target for losers.” Agreed!

Ladies, I know you have something to add to this list. Share below please!

Coming Soon: 4 Things Your Husband Should Always Let You Handle (Whether His Ego Can Handle it Or Not!)

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10 Responses to 4 Things You Should Always Let Your Husband Handle (Even If He Knows You Can)

  1. Amy says:

    I have two things to add:

    1. Totally old-fashioned, but Scott handles taking out the trash and the recycling. There are times when I do it, but for the most part I leave it up to him.

    2. The BBQ! I don't know how to use it although I know that I could figure it out, but I like that it means that Scott gets to be in charge of some of the cooking. I tell him that I am his sous chef. I prep everything and he gets all the credit!

  2. ManWifeDog says:

    Love this additions Amy!! Yup, you're right about the trash. Gibran is always insistent that he take it out, not me. I just bag and tag! LOL!

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  4. the MRS. says:

    AGREED! I let Adam do tons of stuff I could do…

    Like cook some nights. Clean the house. Make the bed & so on!

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  6. Josef Sawyer says:

    Reasonable list… I'll do anything but cook or clean…

    Kudos on the MSNBC Mention… I read it…

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  8. caya says:

    DEFINTELY THE TRASH…….i am in my 30s i was raised old fashioned. my father taught me the "traditional" roles of men and women and despite all this new millenium stuff. i have old fashioned values. i will do all the "women" things and he has to do the "men" things……….
    MOW THE LAWN………..is another thing to add to list.
    HANG PICTURES OR PAINTINGS ON THE WALL( u know they love to use a hammer/ nails) lol
    HOOK UP ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT(stereo, dvd, tv, speakers, etc)
    oh the list goes on………PUT TOGETHER FURNITURE i.e dressers, beds,(oh course without reading directions) lol…………..

  9. Reasonable list… I'll do anything but cook or clean…

    Kudos on the MSNBC Mention… I read it…

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