A Look Back At Our 11 Favorite Moments From 2010

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This year we have been so very blessed. So many wonderful things have happened and I’m just so filled with gratitude for all the love and support we received this year and joy over all the wonderful things that have happened for us and those we love. Here’s a pictorial recap with a few captions for ya. We wish you all a fun-filled (and safe!) New Year ’s Eve celebratory evening!

1. My Godson Liam’s Christening – April 25th
This day was so very special for Liam and for all of us who shared it with him. If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a proud, proud godmomma and this little boy (my first god son) lights up my life. Watching him be blessed and surrounded by such love was so wonderful. Plus, his mother (my best friend Twanna) sure knows how to throw a party, so the entire day was memorable. Liam, we love you!

Liam's christening

The day our godson Liam was christened.

2. Gibran Turned The Big 3-0 – April 29th
My husband turned 30 this year, and although he’s not too big on birthdays, if you know me at all, you know that I so am. So we headed to Las Vegas to celebrate. My little brother Arnie (the eternal bachelor) lives there, so we hung out with him for the week and helped Gibran celebrate this monumental age properly. Even though we both had severe colds and we arrived a little bummed about it, by the time we drug Gibran to the Hoover Dam, the club, the casino, and back, he was more than happy to be entering a new age bracket.

Gibran's 30th Birthday in Vegas

Gibran's 30th in Vegas with my brother!

3. Our Super Fun E-Session – June 10th
We wound up getting a great deal with our wedding photographer (the fabulous Di Bezi Photography) and our engagement session photo shoot was included in our package. Since we both vowed to lose weight for the big day starting in January, we scheduled the shoot for mid-year so we could show off our progress. By the time the day of the shoot came, I was 35 pounds lighter and Gibran had lost almost lost 25 pounds. We were so proud of ourselves and we felt so good. We picked out new outfits and decided to do the shoot at the place where we fell in love; the Hoboken, NJ waterfront. It was there that we took walks together when we first met and talked, and talked, and talked. Revisiting the area in honor of our impending wedding was so awesome. You can tell by our smiles in the photos just how much fun we had that day together. Great times and great photos!

engagement session hoboken new jersey waterfront

Our engagement shoot in the spot we fell in love!

4. My Beautiful Bridal Shower – July 17th
My fabulous girls treated me to a lovely waterfront bridal shower at The Quay’s in Hoboken. With a giant cupcake cake with me and The Dog sitting on it, lovely damask decorations to introduce my wedding theme, and a room full of all of the wonderful women in my life, they left me speechless and overwhelmed with happiness that day. (Special note: July 17th is the day Gibran and I met so the date now holds even more memories for me.)

my damask bridal shower

My bridal shower!

5. My Fabulous Bachelorette Weekend – August 14th-15th
Remember those fabulous friends I spoke of earlier? Well they threw me a bachelorette weekend not to be forgotten. Most of the details we vowed to never repeat but let’s just summarize it by saying: We looked super-sexy-fabulous, booked a fabulous limo for the evening, had a fabulous private dinner at The Volstead (complete with a private open bar drink menu with signature drink “Charlitini”s for all!), then went to a fabulously-sexy hunk show, spent a fabulous night out on the town club and lounge hopping, sipped fabulous champagne, took fabulous photos, crashed at a fabulous suite at The Hotel Gansevoort, then woke up for a fabulous swim in the rooftop pool, had a fabulous brunch and took our fabulous butts home with mighty hangovers. That’s all I’m saying – period!

Sex and the City Themed Bachelorette New York

My super sexy bachelorette weekend!

6. Our Godson Liam’s 1st Birthday Party – September 11th
I was there to hold him in the hospital when he was just a few days old and it seemed like his first year of life just went by so fast. He’s the first child I’ve literally watched grow up — especially so closely and so intimately. I was a huge part of his first year of life and I remember marveling at watching him discover all the little things we take for granted. His smiles and laughs bring us so much joy and I was thrilled to watch our little man turn one. And of course his mother is the party planner extraordinaire so it was the best sesame street themed birthday party ever! My how time flies when you’re a baby and you’re having fun!

Sesame Street kids birthday party

Our godson Liam's 1st birthday party!

7. My 28th Birthday – September 19th
Yup, I turned 28 this year and since at the time our wedding was just about a month away, and there had already been so much celebration, I wasn’t expecting anything big — at all. But leave it to my husband to surprise me the night before the big day with something special. He threw me an awesome get-together at our place and my closest friends and family came to sip champagne and stuff their faces with cupcake cake in my honor. Plus the next day on my actual birthday I had hibachi (my favorite) with my family. It was a great and memorable birthday and weekend.

8. Our Wedding Day (Of Course!) October 17th
You all know already it was perfect. Best day of our lives. I really don’t have to say much more. We’ll forever remember the love and support we received from everyone and will always be bursting with gratitude. We adored becoming “The Watkins” in such a big way!

our damask purple black and white wedding

Our wedding day -- perfection!

9. Our Maui and Vegas Honeymoon October 18th-28th
It was so magical and romantic. We kicked it off in Vegas, and ended it in Maui. The best part for us was showing off our rings, taking all of the “we had a great time – congrats” phone calls, and getting used to calling each other “husband” and “wife”. It was so awesome!

maui honeymoon photos

Our honeymoon bliss in Maui and Vegas

Our las vegas honeymoon aria hotel and casino

Great laughs, good food, and great hands in Vegas!

10. The Birth of Our Goddaughter Ananda – November 19th
One of my dearest friends Lauren gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on this day. Her name is Ananda and Lauren calls her her “Miracle Girl”. Why? Because though born almost three months premature she was a fighter from day one and as God would have it, came home almost a month earlier than expected (today actually – hooray!) When we went to visit Lauren and Ron for Ananda’s baby shower in D.C. she asked me to be her godmother. I was ecstatic and so honored. Congrats to you both. We truly cannot wait to get to know Ananda and to really welcome her into this world. She is so loved!

the birth of ananda

Our new goddaughter Ananda is born!

11. Bringing Thanksgiving to My Brother In Vegas – November 25th-27th
My brother used up all of his vacation time to come to my wedding and my cousin’s wedding this year. We felt so bad when we found out he wouldn’t be able to come home to New Jersey for  Thanksgiving that we decided to bring the celebration to him. It was such a great idea! I spent the holiday in Vegas (yay!) with my new husband, my dad, my stepmom Judy, my little brother Arnie, my cousin Carrie, my aunt Linda, and my grandmother (who’s in her 80s and LOVES to pull a slot!) . It was just so much fun and as luck would have it, I won $1100 dollars the night before we came home – woohoo!
Happy New Year!

Our thanksgiving in las vegas

Bringing thanksgiving to my brother!

The Watkins

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14 Responses to A Look Back At Our 11 Favorite Moments From 2010

  1. krislama says:

    I love this list!!!! You are so family oriented and I'm glad to call you my sister. I think you forgot one thing: the launch of man wife and dog!!!! I'm putting it on my list because I know how hard you work to have a piece of a dream come true.



    • ManWifeDog says:

      Lauren!! Thanks so much girl. You're right this blog is my baby and I really should have put that in here. LOL. Leave it to me to think about myself last – ha! So glad you enjoyed it. We love you guys! :-)

  2. Awww, Liam is just adorable! Such a cute little face. :)

    You and your husband make a beautiful couple! And that Thanksgiving/brother story just melted my heart. Loved looking back on your 2010! I just finished a similar post of my own {though it won't post until tomorrow}.

    Wishing you, your husband, your dog {hehe} and your beautiful family the best in the New Year!

    • ManWifeDog says:

      JeLisa thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments. As you know already since discovering your blog I'm a huge fan. Thanks for the good wishes. I wish the best 2011 to you and your family as well and cannot wait to see picture of your baby when he is born. So exciting! (Will check out that post today for sure too!)

  3. Carrie Penn says:

    LOVE this!!! Such an exciting and beautiful 2010!!! With so many people complaining and talking about how horrible of a year it was, it is so refreshing to see you celebrating it and Giving Thanks! That's why I Love you! Bless You Charli!♥

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Carrie, you are SO right. I kept hearing so much 2010 bashing, and I'm like: "Really!!? There was nothing good about your year?" Hey, to each its own. Thanks for the comment love cuz!

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  9. I love this list!!!! You are so family oriented and I'm glad to call you my sister. I think you forgot one thing: the launch of man wife and dog!!!! I'm putting it on my list because I know how hard you work to have a piece of a dream come true.



  10. baby names says:

    Nice to see the best moments of the year :)
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  11. Elisha says:

    My brother used up all of his vacation time to come to my wedding and my cousin’s wedding this year. We felt so bad when we found out he wouldn’t be able to come home test tsdvnn stestm ngb tesgneufnv djcc

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