When Is it Okay NOT to Wear Your Wedding Ring?

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Admiring our bling beachside on our Maui honeymoon!

I had a feeling I’d be blogging about this sooner or later. Here’s the situation: I, The Wife, cherish my wedding rings and feel naked if I’m not wearing them on my fingers. So much so that if I’ve forgotten to put them back on after the shower and I’m headed to work or out, I’ll actually double back and go get them. The Man, on the other hand, also cherishes his ring, but quite frequently is spotted without it because he takes it off to cook, clean, and wash his hands. His point: He wants to keep it clean and flawless and shiny. My point: A slightly dirty ring is better than a missing or lost one. We have a dog, and you have a tendency to leave it where she can swallow it or on a sink where you can forge to grab it and it can fall down the drain. Here you have the latest Man vs. Wife battle in our home.

Every time I see his ring hanging out alone without the company of his finger I think about how sad he’d be if it turned up missing. But when I make a stink about it, he tells me he’d hate to scratch it or damage it so that’s why it has to come off in certain instances. For the record, I only care because I don’t want him to feel awful about losing it, and I know my husband and he can be a tad bit forgetful at times – particularly if he’s in a rush or busy at work. So world, I ask. Is he better off just taking it off in the shower like I do? Or is he justified to want to keep it safe when he’s handling harsh chemical or messy pasta sauce, or using crappy soap in the job’s john? You tell us! Pick a side, please! (And if none of these choices work for you, state your case in the comment section below.)

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12 Responses to When Is it Okay NOT to Wear Your Wedding Ring?

  1. Anique says:

    Ok So.. we both take our rings off to do all of the above. I do mainly b/c I have a fear of mine sliding off and going down the drain, nor do I want lotion or anything sticky all over it. BUT if they're off we (meaning I) have designated places that they MUST be. EX: A small jewlery box by the kitchen sink, a small little tea candle holder in the bathroom where our rings go if they are off. My Man once lost his ring for months and when this wife found it..after some finger wagging, she implemented this rule. :)

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Anique!!! I so hear you girl. Perhaps if he did have a designated place to put it at home than I'd be more okay with it. I like that idea. It's the sink at work that really scares me..lol!!!

  2. My ring comes off as soon as I get home and his does as well and into their special spot so he won't forget them. I don't want to get gunk all over them and I do want to keep them shiny. My ring is platinum but I can still see a few little scratches in it. And seriously, you're at home with your husband and ya'll both know you are married to each other so why would you need it on. Home is for relaxing!

    • ManWifeDog says:

      Smart thinking I suppose Tiffany. You two have a plan and you stick to it! I just don't think we'd remember to put them on every morning and I'd hate to wind up at work without it. Just looking at it brings me joy. Ha! Cheesy, but true! Thanks for the feedback!!

  3. Johanna says:

    I'm not married but hopefully one day I will be. I want to have a simple gold wedding band that I plan to wear 24/7 and never take off. I will be working as a nurse in a germ-filled environment so the simple band is best. If my husband wants to buy some bling then that will be great for times when i'm not working. Having two options means that the bling ring won't get dirty or scratched. One the other hand, my boyfriend doesn't like to wear any jewelry besides his watch…but that's a whole other issue.

    • ManWifeDog says:


      Thanks for commenting! There is nothing wrong with wanting to wear your (future) ring 24/7 — I pretty much do. I seriously only take it off to shower. And I find it doesn't get that gooky at all. We use a jewelry cleaner to clean our rings once a week so they stay pretty shiny! :-)

  4. Galen takes his off {and leaves it with me} whenever he's going to the gym, and took it off one other time when he was helping a friend of ours move his furniture.

    I take mine off when I'm washing/doing my hair, and every now and then due to swelling now that I'm pregnant.

    But that's about it; and we're always sure to put them right back on when we're done. ;)

  5. krislama says:

    Girl you know this is always a hot topic for wendy williams. She says going without your ring means trouble in paradise and when she leaves hers, she takes a sharpy and draws on a band! That's comical. But it is a symbol of our culture as many other cultures have their respective symbols (a dot on the forhead, etc). I know as a sex in the city fan you remember when Carrie put Aden's ring on a chain. Therefore saying she was not ready for marriage or commitment. As newlyweds it probably takes some getting used to but I do think it's a visible sign of commitment and respect.

  6. the MRS. says:

    I just found this post. Adam never wears his. He told me to sell it….

    I hate that he doesn't wear it.

  7. Ik3 says:

    My husband where's both of our gold bands on a gold chain that he never takes off. He says that his fingers swell at times and he doesn't want it to get stuck. I have a another set (my upgrade ring) that I hardly ever wear. I love my upgrade but i always forget to put it on and when I do wear it I take it off to do chores etc… Then I forget to put it back on? It's a vicious cycle. My hubby don't trip about it and I don't trip on him. The ring is just a symbol for others. We both know we're married with or without them and as long as we behave as such that's all that matters. A person can cheat with the ring on or off.

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