Just for Laughs — Snuggie Karaoke Anyone?

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Yes, it happened. It was late, late one night last week and my neighbor Lauren dropped by unexpectedly for a glass of wine. She was wearing her brand new purple Snuggie. So I of course immediately ran and grabbed mine. Yes, I own a Snuggie – and I am not ashamed! They’re warm and practical and not overpriced. (If you hate them it’s probably because you wish you’d invented the idea – we sure the heck do!) Anyway, we ended up playing the Lips karaoke game for Xbox 360 (think guitar hero, but singing!) all night and the pictures are too funny not to share!

Our Snuggie karoake Christmas sing-off! LOL

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2 Responses to Just for Laughs — Snuggie Karaoke Anyone?

  1. Flo says:

    BLUE would've been better! I want a snuggie, too!

  2. essayteam says:

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