5 Things To Do Together When You Are Snowed In

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New Jersey blizzard snow storm 2010 photos pictures

Us knee-deep (literally!) in the 2010 blizzard!

The big blizzard began yesterday afternoon and it’s been kicking our East Coast’s butts ever since. The hubby stayed home from work because his job closed and I’ve been working from home. Here’s a list of five things to do together when you’re snowed in. All of which we did last night (and some of this morning!)

1. Play Xbox 360 Kinect until you pass out! We recommend you play 10 frames of bowling or a ping pong marathon on Kinect Sports or dance battle it out on Dance Central We got the system add-on for Christmas from my brother and I swear I’ve already lost like 10 lbs dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.

2. Order a movie you fell asleep on before! For us it was The Fourth Kind. Twice before we tried to get through it and never made it past the 20 minute mark, but last night with nothing else to do, we were able to wake up and rewind what we’d missed. Really wasn’t as great as people say, but at least we made it through it this time.

3. Play in the snow! We’re not too grown to admit we made a snowman in the parking lot last night. (And I made a snow angel too!) It’s cold, you’re in a blizzard, and the snow is rarely this fluffy and white – what else you gonna do at 9pm with nowhere to go? At least have a snowball fight! We felt like big happy kids.

4. Catch up on family phone calls! Usually we feel guilty about going like two weeks without returning long-distance family member’s phone calls. We’re always on the move and admittedly a little forgetful when it comes to calling people back. But we couldn’t be any more available than we have been the last 24 hours. So we got to dialing and slept guilt free!

5. Try a new recipe! I dusted off the cookbook’s for last night’s dinner. Admittedly, our Asian Grilled Chicken and Rice didn’t come out as well as we’d hoped, but it was fun making it together while we squeezed in one last night of listening to holiday music.

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5 Responses to 5 Things To Do Together When You Are Snowed In

  1. susie q says:

    I love,love, love…your red coat!!!!…This blog is just adorable.Thank you or letting me know about it….and I am definitely getting my daughter Bea to meet you…what an amazing role model you are…love you sweetheart!!!…..Q

  2. Felicia says:

    That sounded like so much fun…

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