This Pillow Equals A Happy Marriage

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Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow for iPods

Best pillow ever -- my new best friend!

Remember how I was venting about having to sleep on the couch because Gibran has to sleep with the TV on? Well, we found a solution to that little problem – thank God! It’s called the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow and it’s so awesome. It’s basically a real comfy pillow that you can plug your IPod into and listen to music while you fall asleep. Best part about it? The person laying next to you (like your husband or wife!) won’t hear a thing. Here’s a clip of Hoda and Kathie Lee talking about it on the Today Show yesterday:

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So now Gibran gets to fall asleep to TV and I get to fall asleep to my favorite slow jams. We’ve since compromised on the whole lamps on thing, and I’m still working on training Karma not to steal my eye mask when I’m sleeping…sigh…dogs!

So anyway, I digress. One more thing about this super cool pillow: Don’t you think it would make a great last minute gift for your music loving spouse or partner? You should know it’s on sale now for $19.99 in stores and online at Bed Bath and Beyond. (I’m even thinking of sending my brother one he can take on planes – he hates headphones!)

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