Overheard in Our Home: Smart Dogs, Face Down Snores, and Other Strangeness Revealed

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Some of the things that are said or done in our home leave us laughing on our knees (literally!).  SO, we decided to take notes and share some of them with the world…

Here’s a sampling of things I heard inside our home (so far!) this week…

“Snore…snore…Sna…sna…snoooooooore!” – Coming from the living room floor at 3AM on Sunday morning. Man had one too many at our little get together and wound up falling off the couch and onto the floor face down without waking up. Dog was sleeping on this back and licking his cheek.

“I think she understands English – really! Does that sound crazy?” – Spoken by Wife to Man after she told Dog to get a life and Dog immediately walked away, grabbed a toy, and went to her bed to play with it on Monday night.

“There are no new episodes of anything coming on this week? OMG now what!? Shall we dust off the scrabble?” – The wife realizing there was no new gossip girl coming on Monday night.

“Stop herding me damn it!” – The Man yelled at The Dog from the couch after she kept barking at him to come to the bedroom where she and The Wife were sleeping on Tuesday night around 11:45pm.

“Baby, if I ask you to help me wrap gifts, do you promise not to look at yours?” – The Wife asking The Man for a little last-minute holiday help.

Do you have an inside joke to share? Please do below. I’d love to laugh with you. :-)

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