My Husband Thought It Would Be A Good Idea to Teach The Dog to Take Off His Socks

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It was cute and funny when Karma was a puppy with baby teeth and some respect for her owners. Then, she grew up, her real teeth grew in, and she realized she has us wrapped around her paw. Now…sigh…she tries to take off everyone’s socks when they come into our apartment. So at our place, we have a mandatory shoes on or socks off policy for guests with the hopes of sparing them the unwanted pain associated with her being totally unaware of the presence of toes. (But since our whole apartment has wood floors, enforcing this becomes a pain in the ass for them – and us!)

So now every cool night (like this one) when I come home and want to slip on my fun, cozy, bee sock slippers for warmth it becomes a mission impossible scenario. I tip toe around the house and hope Karma doesn’t spot ‘em. Because if she does, THIS HAPPENS…

yorkie photos Karma the Yorkie

First Karma spots the socks and it's game on!

Karma the Yorkie who steals socks

Next, she goes into full on attack mode until she can take down the enemy.

karma the yorkie sniffing my socks

After she succeeds in terrorizing my toes and stealing at least one sock she gets her sniff on.

karma the yorkie sleeping with my socks

Then falls asleep with it.

So much for The Hubby’s genius idea for a new trick. LOL! Is your dog prone to weird fetishes too? If so, please tell me. I’m feeling a little alone here…grrr!

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9 Responses to My Husband Thought It Would Be A Good Idea to Teach The Dog to Take Off His Socks

  1. Poppy says:

    The question is in your house / apartment who is teachiong who tricks!

  2. From my understanding of dog training (just read a book or 2 as I look forward to the day when I can get a dog of my own), the best way to stop her is to name the behavior and then never ask her to do it. Whenever she starts pulling on your socks say "take off socks" or whatever you want to call it and then give her a small treat. Eventually she'll catch on and will do it only when you tell her to. To stop her in the moment, give a conflicting command that she already knows like sit or down because she can't pull off socks if she's lying down.

  3. saralyn says:

    my husband did the same thing thinking it would be funny but with the same results you described.the dog has torn a hole in everypair of nylons i sson i get home i take off my shoes to relax and no sooner than the dog hears the shoe faasl to the floor he runs down the hall to grab my socks.ive given up trying to be warm in winter and just let him take them and go barefoot to prevent him biting my toes

  4. The question is in your house / apartment who is teachiong who tricks!

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  6. Haha! It sounds a nice idea :D How cute~
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  7. gnss19 says:

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