We Are OFFICIALLY Married! (And Other Big News!)

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Charli and Gibran's Wedding at the Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge

Our big moment on our big day!

Okay so I know you’re probably thinking, “She said she was getting married, but that was like three weeks ago. Did she go on a honeymoon and never come back?!” Fine, so I’ve been MIA – but can you blame a girl? I got married, then I escaped for a ten-day honeymoon getaway, and then I came home to the news that after 8 long months of unemployment, I had finally landed a job! One that I had to start immediately no less. (But who’s complaining? Not me!) So needless to say, it’s been a pretty busy month for me. So today I return to you as the new Mrs. Watkins, and the new Digital Commerce and Marketing Manager for Ellery Homestyles. (More job deets later – it’s QUITE an awesome story and such a blessing too.) So, I’m back now. And yes, I’ve missed you too! If you haven’t given up on me all together, I can promise you that if you start paying regular visits again, I’ll be here steady chronicling my ups and downs as a rookie wife.

Now, to kick things off properly: Here are three of my favorite wedding photos of Gibran and I, and my little list of the 5 Things That Made My Wedding (Truly!) The Best Day Ever!

charli and gibrans new jersey wedding portrait  basking ridgecharli and gibran wedding portrait stonehouse at stirling ridge croppedcharli and gibran wedding portrait pleasant valley park nj 1. I was surrounded by love. My new husband and all of our closest family and friends came out to help us celebrate (on a Sunday night no less!) and the room was just bursting at the seams with love. You could feel it in the air, almost like we were wrapped in it. We felt so loved, so blessed, and so happy all at once. It was moving and wonderful and surely a feeling I won’t soon forget.Charli and Gibran Wedding Entrance2. Though they say most brides end up pissed off on their wedding day because something went terribly wrong or just wasn’t right, I would be lying if I told you I had a single regret that day. Every single detail that I poured my heart into, and worked so diligently with my planner on, came together beautifully. It was as if the way I dreamed it in my head for all of those months became a reality. It was wedding day décor perfection. (Cheers to my wonderful planning team at Concepts in Bloom!)Charli and Gibran's Wedding Ceremony New Jersey Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge3. The food, the drinks, and the laughs were so good that everybody (and I mean everybody!) partied like there was no tomorrow. My 70something grandma got Tipsy (as evidenced from the photo booth below!) and Gibran’s little nephews dance battled all night long. I don’t think anyone stayed in their seats. It was party perfection, and an awesome way to follow a heart-felt and magical ceremony. Thanks for the memories everyone!

Charli and Gibran DIY Wedding Photo Booth

4. I never felt more beautiful. They always say you’re supposed to feel like a princess. Well, I felt like a queen. I’ve never been totally happy with my hair or makeup for a big event but this time, I felt flawless. And as we women know, no matter how much we fake it, it’s rare a moment when you feel like you truly look stunning from every angle!

Charli Penn Bridal Portrait

5. I finally made it official with my guy. There is nothing like standing there holding hands with the one person on earth who completes you and vowing your undying love to them. Call me cheesy, but it was like a scene out of a movie and we really felt like stars. I will never forget the look in his eyes and the way my heart jumped when we read me his special vows. If I could only relive one moment from our wedding it would be our ceremony. And I would say “I do” to Gibran over and over again. I love my husband!! That has a ring to it, doesn’t it? Sigh…the moment was unforgettable.Couple Jump the Broom at Wedding in New JerseyFabulous photo credit due to Diana and Jess of Di Bezi Photography

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6 Responses to We Are OFFICIALLY Married! (And Other Big News!)

  1. congrats charli! and such a cute blog! will have to add to my google reader! and of course, you looked gorgeous!!

  2. Coley Cole says:

    Hi Charli,

    Nic here! You two look absolutely stunning! I really wish I was there.

    I will bookmark your site so I don't forget to visit.

  3. Pat says:

    Beautiful wedding I just come across your page my favorite color is purple .
    Pat from Florida

  4. First of all Congratulations. Awesome man, you have shared a very nice information or your experience. Thanks for making this great article. Also your way of writing is too good. Anyhow, news is the best source of information and knowledge related to any industry or current world affairs.

  5. congrats charli! and such a cute blog! will have to add to my google reader! and of course, you looked gorgeous!!

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