My Wedding Weekend Has Arrived!

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I’m getting married this weekend!!! And as you can see, I’ve been MIA for the last month. Let’s just say things have been just that nutty in the world of wedding planning. I haven’t been able to come for air or crank out a blog post, and as much as I love to write, that’s saying a lot. But, on a happier note, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that the day’s nearly here and I don’t have to meet with another vendor or order another thing. I’m going to woosah it all out now and just enjoy all the festivities. On Sunday I’m marrying the man of my dreams and my rookie wife journey truly begins. Okay, I’m off to get married now. So nervous, but so excited! (Wish me luck!) Stay tuned for a little honeymoon blogging!

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2 Responses to My Wedding Weekend Has Arrived!

  1. Naomi says:

    Have a great wedding Charli!!!! Wishing you and Gibran many many many man years of love!!!

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