OMG! We're getting married in 43 Days!

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It’s safe to say we’re freaking out now! (So much to do, so little time!) We’re going to make it official at The Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge in Warren, NJ on Sunday October 17th, 2010. I picked the place almost immediately after getting engaged last Christmas Eve. I’d been a big fan of the property for a while. I used to work as the Managing Editor for and and during my three years at those posts I saw A LOT of weddings come by my desk. Every time i saw one at the Stonehouse, I just knew we’d be right at home there. It’s cozy, nestled in a beautiful wooded area, and just modern enough for our tastes. It’s beautiful and we cannot wait to become man and wife there.

I just can’t believe how fast the last nine months have gone by! It feel so real now. I’m 27 now, but turning 28 in a few weeks. I never really thought about what age I would be when I got married. I just knew my heart would know when to say yes, if I were asked. The Man and I have been together for six years, and we’ve had The Dog for over 2. We’re used to being a family, but figuring out how to be married, now that’s something new. I suppose a little nerves are to be expected at this point, right? I know we’ll be just fine, but I’m starting to get those butterflies in my stomach. It’s a happy nervous feeling. Anyone know what I’m talking about? It’s like, holy s*!@, I’m going to be somebody’s wife before Thanksgiving! Wow…..

– The Wife

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