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Dear Husband: Your Snoring Sucks!

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The Perfect Marriage Multivitamin (Have You Had Your Daily Dose?)

My husband and I started getting serious about taking multivitamins when we started losing weight for our wedding day. Before that we never really gave it much thought (a shame I know!) but once taking them became a regular part … Continue reading

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Fab Posts Friday: Chalkboard Paint Fun, Marriage Market Failure, Gratitude and More!

It’s Fab Posts Friday! (AKA link love day!) I read these posts this week and loved them, and I’m thinking you will too! I was so inspired by the project ideas in DIY Chalkboard Projects over on my latest décor … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Game Face On: Say No To Public Displays of Disaffection

If you ask anyone who knows us well and who has spent a substantial amount of time with The Man and I they’ll probably swear that we rarely fight and always seem so happy. Now granted, we are very happy … Continue reading

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My Husband Is My Other Best Friend (Is He Your Only?)

The Man and I were recently on a game show together (sorry can’t say which just yet guys) and one of the questions we were asked spawned a debate between he and I on the way home about whether or … Continue reading

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Dear Husband: Always Remember That I Am Proud To Be Your Wife

Dear Man, It’s been a little while since I wrote you a love letter. This is because rather than write just to write, I like to reach out to you when I feel the most compelled to do so. After … Continue reading

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