This Pillow Equals A Happy Marriage

Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow for iPods

Best pillow ever -- my new best friend!

Remember how I was venting about having to sleep on the couch because Gibran has to sleep with the TV on? Well, we found a solution to that little problem – thank God! It’s called the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow and it’s so awesome. It’s basically a real comfy pillow that you can plug your IPod into and listen to music while you fall asleep. Best part about it? The person laying next to you (like your husband or wife!) won’t hear a thing. Here’s a clip of Hoda and Kathie Lee talking about it on the Today Show yesterday:

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So now Gibran gets to fall asleep to TV and I get to fall asleep to my favorite slow jams. We’ve since compromised on the whole lamps on thing, and I’m still working on training Karma not to steal my eye mask when I’m sleeping…sigh…dogs!

So anyway, I digress. One more thing about this super cool pillow: Don’t you think it would make a great last minute gift for your music loving spouse or partner? You should know it’s on sale now for $19.99 in stores and online at Bed Bath and Beyond. (I’m even thinking of sending my brother one he can take on planes – he hates headphones!)

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Overheard in Our Home: Smart Dogs, Face Down Snores, and Other Strangeness Revealed

Some of the things that are said or done in our home leave us laughing on our knees (literally!).  SO, we decided to take notes and share some of them with the world…

Here’s a sampling of things I heard inside our home (so far!) this week…

“Snore…snore…Sna…sna…snoooooooore!” – Coming from the living room floor at 3AM on Sunday morning. Man had one too many at our little get together and wound up falling off the couch and onto the floor face down without waking up. Dog was sleeping on this back and licking his cheek.

“I think she understands English – really! Does that sound crazy?” – Spoken by Wife to Man after she told Dog to get a life and Dog immediately walked away, grabbed a toy, and went to her bed to play with it on Monday night.

“There are no new episodes of anything coming on this week? OMG now what!? Shall we dust off the scrabble?” – The wife realizing there was no new gossip girl coming on Monday night.

“Stop herding me damn it!” – The Man yelled at The Dog from the couch after she kept barking at him to come to the bedroom where she and The Wife were sleeping on Tuesday night around 11:45pm.

“Baby, if I ask you to help me wrap gifts, do you promise not to look at yours?” – The Wife asking The Man for a little last-minute holiday help.

Do you have an inside joke to share? Please do below. I’d love to laugh with you. :-)

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OMG Our Wedding is Featured AGAIN This Week (This Time on – One of My Faves!)

My good friend, and former co-worker at Meredith Bodgas, writes for’s Save the Date wedding blog. Today she wrote about our wedding (which was extra sweet because she also had a purple wedding at the Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge!) and I’m already super flattered by all of the lovely things she has to say and the sweet comments from readers. Thanks so much Meredith!!!

Here’s a sneak peak, and you can click here to see the entire feature!)

glamour save the date purple black and white modern wedding photos charli and gibran

What an awesome feature -- thanks again Meredith!

NOTE: This is our second time being featured on In June our engagement photos were featured as part of a trend piece on having your pet in your photos! We’re so grateful and honored!

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Wife Bites: Style Exams, Mad Men Parties, Candy Cane Hearts and More!

candy cane hearts Mad Men party ideas holiday party ideas

My favorite finds this week!

A little weekly link love: The best of what I saw on the web (for women and dog lovers!) this week!


FOR THE DIVA IN YOUR DOG — Pretty Pee Pads for Your Pup;

HOT HOLIDAY PARTY THEME IDEA — Mad Men Inspired Holiday Party Ideas;

ONE-OF-A-KIND SHOPPING MADE EASY – The Etsy Taste Test; (The results picked this “junk” bag for me – which I’d totally wear on weekends!)

Found something online you loved? Share a link below! (I wanna see too!)

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Our Wedding is Featured on Today

For those of you who don’t know, during our engagement, I blogged for the fabulous site My column was called The Road To Mrs. and now that we’ve finally made it official we’re featured in TripleB’s weekly Tie The Knot Tuesday column. Here’s a screenshot! Link to feature and slideshow is here! (Thanks for the lovely interview and feature

our purple black and white wedding feature

Awesome slideshow included in the feature! Thanks TripleB!

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The Making of a New Holiday Tradition (Annual Santa Hats!)

For our office holiday party (it’s tonight YAY!) we’re having a santa hat decorating contest. Whether I win or not (the prize is $250!) I had SO much fun going to Michaels at the last minute and buying up the holiday bargain bin to make this awesome hat. It’s a tribute to my family of three and our 2010 holiday spirit. I had SO much fun doing it, and Gibran has so much fun laughing at it, that we decided to make one together each year from now on and save them as keepsakes. So introducing the first of many Watkins Family Santa Hats…

My entry to the holiday party santa hat contest

Isn't she a beauty? SO fun!

decorating my santa hat

santa hat decorating ideas

Details, details, details!

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