A Wife Has A Right to A Ladies Night

karaoke at duet 35 in new york city
Oh, girls just wanna have fun!

One of the things I respect most about the relationship I have with my husband is that we have a live and let live policy when it comes to our individual social lives. Sure we enjoy each other’s company and we like experiencing new things together, but we also recognize that a relationship that smothers will eventually suffocate your happiness. So even though it’s been very hard to find time to spend together these last few weeks we realized that we need to spend time alone and with our friends just as much. Being busy doesn’t excuse you from making time for your own personal passions or for the friends you say “I’ll call you tomorrow” and then don’t. Continue reading

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If You Get Divorced Who Gets the Dog?

Karma The Spoiled Rotten Yorkie

Our "fur" baby!

Found this very, very interesting article on HuffingtonPost.com today. It’s all about pet custody battles and how they’re becoming more and more popular on court dockets these days. Here’s a snippet:

“According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, attorneys have seen a 23 percent jump in pet custody cases. Harvard even has a course teaching animal law. Issues can range from visitation rights to how vet bills are split. Another consideration is how long treatment should be kept to maintain life before putting an animal to sleep. But the biggest battles are for which spouse gets custody.”

Honestly, I’m not shocked at all! If you’re anything like The Man and I and you have a dog and no kids yet, you can probably relate. We love her like she were our baby. Having grown up with four different dogs in my life, it was totally my idea/obsession to get one. Gibran wasn’t really on board for the longest, especially after we brought her home and two mornings later she pooped on his armpit as she was kissing him good morning. (Not a moment he often likes to relive!) But, as I told him he would, he soon fell for her squeaky little bark, super-waggy tail, and big black eyes. Eventually he stopped saying things like, “Your dog needs a walk or your dog ate the cable wire.” and made statements like “our dog is telling us she wants to go out” or “We can’t leave our dog home alone all day!” And so the undying love I felt for her instantly he soon begrudgingly came to share with me.

So, although I can’t imagine the dissolution of our wonderful marriage, if for some reason that day ever came (God forbid!), I’m taking my dog – you can betcha! – and he’ll probably want to fight for her, no question.  We both love The Dog very much, and though my husband wouldn’t admit this easily, he’d probably go just as nuts as I would if there were no pitter patter of Karma’s little paws clicking around the house. Continue reading

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Our Wedding Bloopers Trailer Is Featured On BlackBridalBliss.com Today

BlackBridalBliss.com is showing us more love this week! First I guest-blogged for them during my engagement, then just a few weeks ago they featured our wedding story as part of a fabulous Tie The Knot Tuesday, and now today she’s raving about our wedding trailer style. (Read TripleB’s post here!) And ladies, if you’re engaged or just a fan of all things weddings, reading BlackBridalBliss.com is a must! Bridgette makes a point of landing exclusive vendor discounts for her brides and she finds some of the most unique tips, vendors, and videos around – so check her out!

our hilarious and funny wedding video and trailer

Thanks so much TripleB!

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A Little Love Letter to My Husband (Missing You!)

Charli Penn-Watkins Writer Editor Blogger Media Specialist


Dear Man,

Although we swore we’d make more time for each other this week, it has been just as busy as ever for both of us. I miss you babe! I know you’re reading this from work on your lunch break so I hope you see it and know that you’re loved. You’ll probably be asleep when I get home tonight, but I’ll kiss you on the forehead and whisper “goodnight” anyway. Then I’ll try to find a spot somewhere between you and The Dog and turn down the heat — which you will undoubtedly have turned up too high. (smiles!)

Get some rest, watch Grey’s Anatomy without me (it’s okay — I swear!) and know that I love you very, very much.

Let’s do better next week. I know we can!

P.S. Thanks again for the wake up call this AM — I almost slept through my alarm.

All My Love,


When was the last time YOU wrote a letter to the person you love? E-mail it, snail mail it, tweet it, make it your FB status whatever. Just open your heart and let it out. They’ll love it, promise1

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My Husband Says He Is The President, But I Am Congress

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It’s a little inside joke between us that most times makes me laugh, but every now and then makes me crazy. We communicate (a lot!) about what we want individually and how we think things should be done in our home. I’m arguably the more opinionated one, and a good majority of the time I get my way. (Hey, The Man knows how to pick his battles.) But occasionally my husband feels that I’m way off base on something and that’s when he says, and I quote, “In this house I’m the president, and you’re congress, honey. And in this case, I’m vetoing this bill and sending it back to you to reconsider!” Come on, admit it. It is a pretty hilarious (and spot-on) analogy for the dynamic between a husband and wife, right?

The first time he ever pulled this line on me, I laughed so hard my stomach hurt for hours. After all, he has a point. He loves me and he doesn’t like for us to fight unnecessarily. So like many good husbands out there my husband says he believes that if I’m happy, he will be too, so he likes to think he’s better off giving me my way if the situation if he could honestly care either way. So essentially he “signs” most of my laws. But, because he’s so laid back about my “lawmaking” most days, when he isn’t happy with a new law I’m trying to pass in our home, he reserves the right to “veto” it and send me back to the couch in a huff. Even if I don’t like being shut down when I’m passionate about something (what wife does?), can I really complain? Most of my “laws” get signed with little to no debate, so if my husband is “vetoing” something and sending it back to me to give it further thought, I should give him that respect. This is probably the right things to do, and I usually do. (Honest!) However, my husband also likes to use this “mantra” to his advantage in certain situations, choosing to veto over personal preference rather than because of sensible logic or rational. This is when the gloves come off in our home. Continue reading

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The Importance of Growing Together (And How We Have Managed to Do It So Far)

Man Wife and Dog over the years

My how we've grown. (Together!)

I was only 21 years old when I met Gibran and he was just 23. A lot of people would say to us “young kids” back then that we didn’t really yet know what love was, and the chances of us staying connected and close through our tumultuous twenties was slim to none. Well, we certainly beat those odds. By the grace of God and with a lot of patience, devotion, and hard work we somehow managed to continuously love each other, support each other, and most importantly grow with one another over the years.

Don’t be fooled, it wasn’t always easy. We had quite a few growing pains here and there – for instance, our brief stint as long distance lovers on two separate coasts in 2005 definitely wasn’t one of our finest or fondest memories. The thing is, when I was going through some old photos and found these two throwbacks I couldn’t help but grin at the thought of how much we’ve truly grown as individuals over the last seven years, and also as a couple. I’m not entirely the same girl I was back then, and he’s certainly not exactly the same guy, but the love and respect we hold for one another hasn’t changed a bit – it has instead evolved each year with our own unique individuality into something deeper and more dynamic than what we had each year before. Continue reading

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