Fab Posts Friday: A Great Easy Date Idea, 101 Goals in 1001 Days, and More!

Introducing Fab Posts Fridays! (AKA link love day!) I read these posts and loved them and I’m thinking you will too!

A Dope Date Idea care of The Chocolate Knot

Turn Old Photos Into New Traditions with a sweet idea from the happy couple at …And They Lived Blogging Ever After

Not In My Job Description is a clever, real, and hilarious rant we can all relate to over at A Formerly Unemployed Bride Becomes A Wife

101 in 1001 is the quest the inspired couple at The Just Married Blog is on. Check out their plan!

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3 Things You Should Never Ever Call Your Husband (If You Want to Avoid The Drama)

My Husband Gibran Watkins

Not the look you wanna see!

Life’s full of lessons and I’m always learning (sometimes the hard way) and taking notes — especially when it comes to my marriage. We’re only about 3 months in so I expect to fall and get a few scrapes every now and then. And when I do, three things matter most to me: 1. I must clean the wound (communication people!) and put on a band-aid so it can heal. 2. I must reflect on what I tripped on, and how to avoid not doing it again. And 3. I must spread the word to as many wives as possible so that they can watch their steps! So listen up ladies. Here’s a little list of things I’ve learned that you should NEVER EVER EVER call your husband, unless you’re ready to take off those gloves! Continue reading

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I Bought It For Me But It Belongs To The Dog Now (Marriage IS About Sacrifice After All)

our dog and her faux fur blanket

Toooooooooo much!

I knew marriage would be about sacrifice, but last I checked The Dog’s name isn’t on our marriage license. You see, I bought this fabulous faux fur throw by Cynthia Rowley for a steal at Marshall’s during the holiday shopping season. (Okay so I bought a little something for me while I was out – is that a crime? Moving on…) When I touched it I knew I just had to have it. It has a plush faux fur rug-feel on the front and inside it’s lined with super-soft microfiber. Plus I’m a sucker for bold colors and it came in everyone you could imagine. I picked this bright green, brought it home and immediately inserted it into my nightly wind-down routine. I’m always cold, and it is absolutely perfectly sized for solo snuggling and really holds in the warmth. So needless to say, I’ve been obsessed with this blanket ever since. The problem is, The Dog has been too! Continue reading

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We Are SO Not the Huxtables (A Look At Our Very Unmarriedlike Behavior)

a marriage like the huxtables on the cosby show

Sorry Cliff and Claire!

Thanks to movies, TV, and books it isn’t hard to have a preconceived idea or mental picture of what married life should be like before you jump the broom. Then you take that leap and suddenly your skits don’t always play out quite the same way you (or rather Hollywood and pop culture shall we say?) might have imagined. In certain ways we’re a lot like your “typical” American married couple (if you actually believe there is such a thing) but in so many other ways we’re…well…um…just not! For instance:

We intend to go to bed together but that usually only happens, at best, twice a week. Instead The Man usually falls asleep on the couch while ESPN watches him and I sneak off to bed after giving up on trying to get him up. Or, he’ll pretend he’s going to put on his pajamas and come back and sneak into bed without me after giving up on trying to get me out of the office and my computer – which I’ve been known to stay on until crazy hours like 3 or 4am.

We have a very nice dining room table that we have yet to sit down at together for dinner. Instead we stuff our faces in the living room on the couch in front of the TV, in our bed, or sometimes I’ll munch down at my desk. We always say, “we should sit down and eat like a family” but I’ve decided for that one, I won’t hold my breath. Continue reading

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A Few Little Things My Husband Does (Unintentionally) That Make Me Smile


He makes me smile THIS BIG...when he doesn't even know it.

I wouldn’t have married a man who couldn’t make me laugh, but sometimes it’s the little things The Man does (that he may or may not even know he does) that really make me smile. Over the last couple days I jotted down a few of those things…so I thought I’d share.

He hates to admit he’s sleepy so he insists we order a movie on a weekday night then falls asleep within the first ten minutes.

Because he’s a weather channel junkie he makes a point of texting me, calling me, or waking me up to tell me that the “weather’s going to be bad outside” and so I should “be vigilante and careful”. I smile because he’s really concerned when he says it. Then I smile again because I know I’m not going to do anything differently.

He makes sure to tuck me and the dog in tightly beneath the blankets at 3:30 in the morning – every morning – when he could easily be bitter that he has to get up and go to work in the dark and we get to sleep in a little longer. Continue reading

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Do Wedding Rings Bring the Creeps Around?

wedding rings and men

A very creepy man tried to pick me up at the train station this morning. I’m not calling him that just to be mean. It was how the way he went about the whole thing that me made it so darn creepy. Here’s how the whole thing went down:

(I’m minding my business walking towards the train platform.)
Random Guy: “Hey, what’s your name?”
Me: “Charli”
Random Guy: “Don’t you want to know mine?”
Me: “Not really, but have a nice day.”
(Random Guy walks away!)
Random Guy as he’s walking away: “Well can I have your #?”
Me: “Nope, I’m married sorry!”
(Random Guy approaches me on platform 5 minutes later again!)
Me: “Can I help you?”
Random Guy: “So how long have you been married? Not too long I hope?”
Me: “That’s none of your business.”
Random Guy: “So what, are you afraid that if we become friends something might happen? Is that why you won’t give me your number? Do I intimidate you?”
(I bite my lip and try not to laugh)
Me: “No buddy, you’re not intimidating me you’re scaring me! Again, have a nice day!”
Random Guy: “I guess that means I can’t save you a seat on the train?”
(Me walking away fast…)
Me: “NO!”

What the ______? Now, I know men are very “frank” these days, but this guy brought the art of the pick-up line down to a new level of lame. He was pretty pathetic overall and his arrogance just took away any cool point he’d gained for confidence. But perhaps, what saddens me most about his behavior is that I know the only reason he even uses lines like these is because it has worked on some woman, somewhere before – at least once. Otherwise he wouldn’t have approached me so confidently. Continue reading

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