New Study Says Sleeping With Your Dog Can Spread Infectious Disease (Whatever!)

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I see a lot of health research headlines online each day, but this one almost made me spit out my iced-tea. Apparently some new report recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that dog owners can contract all sorts of crazy sounding ailments if they share a bed with their pooch (or any pet for that matter). The report claims researchers from the University of California found that owners “came down with parasitic bugs, bacterial sinus infections, and even meningitis after sleeping with, kissing, and being licked frequently by their dog or cat.” Um..yuck! Now, I’ve made it no secret that we made room for Karma in our bed, and I can still say now after reading this that I have zero regrets about it… Continue reading

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Yup Even The Dog is Rooting for The Jets to Go All The Way

The Man is really a die-hard Indianapolis Colts fan but when they lost to The Jets he decided not to be a sore loser and support the home team. Now, The Dog is on board too. Me? I could honestly care less but I’m all about Jersey pride so, “Let’s Go Jets!”

Biggest Jets Fan Dog Photos

Team spirit at The Watkins Home!

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Separate But Equal Nights (Every Marriage Needs Them)

What are they? Nights when we both agree to disagree on what to do together so we decide to do things apart. These nights make our marriage stronger. They keep us from smothering each other or going crazy because we’ve been around one another just a few minutes too much. They keep The Man feeling like he has a life that’s not always about his wife. They keep this wife confident that she’s getting in the necessary dosage of weekly girlfriend time or me time and that her life, although often crazy, still has balance.

Tonight I will go and support a good friend as she gets her Karaoke on to celebrate her birthday, and my husband will have a few good friends over to indulge in football, whiskey, and whatever else guys do when the ladies aren’t around. Tonight we will love each other and miss each other equally as much, but we won’t need to be together to prove it. We actually do call them “Separate But Equal” nights. We invented the idea four years ago to save our relationship when we realized we fought the most when we spent too much time together and away from the other people/places/things in our lives that give us joy. The idea of taking at least two nights a month where we purposely stay away from each other was then born. And let me tell you it works! (Sometimes we even… Continue reading

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Dear Husband: It Is Your Selflessness That Humbles Me

Charli Penn-Watkins Writer Editor Blogger Media SpecialistDear Man,

Tonight even though I spent hours on the computer in the other room and ignoring you and the football you were watching, when you realized your were hungry and got up to make snack you still thought of me. And, you didn’t just make me any snack, you took the extra time to make sure it was a healthy one that wouldn’t steer me off my Weight Watchers plan for the weekend. You even made my dinner before your own. I sat here typing and tweaking away and you stood there making me a meal you know I’d need and want without me ever having to ask for it.

When you walked in here and sat it down in front of me and I smiled and just stared at you, I know you were wondering what I was thinking. Well, I was thinking about how amazing you can be in the moments when I’m being quite the opposite. I was thinking that I’ve been kind of bitch today and you still didn’t hold that against me – it’s almost like you forgot. You had to have chosen to remember the last good thing I’d done today instead of the bad to even be able to take the time away from the playoffs you did to make extra food for me. You always put me first, even when I don’t deserve it. I love you for that. I love that sometimes when you don’t have to do anything at all, you do everything. Sometimes… Continue reading

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Date Night: We Are Trying Out the Cinema Suites Experience Tonight

AMC cinema suites experience

The new AMC cinema suites

We’ve been putting it off for weeks because something kept coming up, but I’m psyched because tonight we’re headed to AMC Theatres Essex Green to try out this Cinema Suites experience everyone’s raving about. Here’s the skinny: A few theaters in the country are testing this new concept. You basically get to go to see movie, pick your seats as you would on an airplane beforehand, and lounge in luxury recliners while you order appetizers, entrees, cocktails, and traditional theater snacks right from your seat. Then a server brings them to you, just like at a restaurant, while you watch! Interested yet? We sure the heck are. So, we’re headed there tonight to give it a go. Sound like the perfect dinner and a movie date night after a long week – which we’ve both had. Plus, movie dates are extra special for us because… Continue reading

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Rethinking the Good On Paper Guy (And Dissecting Mine)

Why I Love My Husband for All That He Is

My husband looks pretty good on paper to me.

Now just because I’m a married woman that doesn’t mean I don’t have any single friends, or that I don’t recall what it’s like to be a single lady. During gossip fests and girl talks with many of my single girlfriends over the years the topic of the “Good On Paper Guy” has come up again, and again, and again. We talk about defining them, dating them, marrying them, and wanting to marry them. Who is this Good On Paper Guy? Well he’s usually described a the guy every woman considers her dream guy, a guy she feels she can brag about and one she’s even convinced her parents or peers would highly approve of her dating or marrying. Now this all sounds sweet on the surface, but where I take issue with the idea is when it comes to the qualities we list on these guy’s metaphorical papers – things like how many degrees he has, where he went to college, his title at work, how much money he makes, and even how much he spends on his clothes.

Really ladies!? Those are the things that immediately come to mind when you’re dreaming up the perfect man? It took me a few years of dating hell and lots of tissue boxes, but I finally figured out that these things can be nice qualities in a mate, but they don’t always equal bliss when it comes to dating. Or more importantly, they’re superficial qualities that certainly don’t ensure that he’ll be an awesome husband. Continue reading

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