Dear Husband: I Am So Glad We Agree On Not Having Kids Yet

Charli Penn-Watkins Writer Editor Blogger Media SpecialistDear Man,

Can you believe how much the whole topic keeps coming up? We keep hearing, “So when are you guys getting pregnant?” or “Is the baby on the way yet?” It’s a riot! Even when I’m around friends the conversation usually goes something like, Me: “I’m tired!” Them: “OMG! Do you think you might be pregnant?” I guess when you get married people assume that somewhere at the bottom of your marriage license in fine print it says “you’re also now perfectly ready to and capable of having kids”. Well, I don’t see that clause anywhere on ours. And can I just say that it’s such a relief that you feel the same way?

The other day we laughed at how disappointed people seem when we say we’re not there yet. The last time I checked, they won’t be getting up three times a night or changing poopy diapers – we will! We’ve talked about this a thousand times since we’ve been together and you and I agree that we do want kids, but right now we want to focus on our dreams a little more. I told you that being a mom is one of the things I most look forward to in my life and I meant that. Even if other people think we just want to “live it up” a little longer and avoid the responsibility of it all, you and I both know that it’s a lot deeper than that. We know ourselves best, and we know how much time and energy it’s taking us to get a hold of our dreams right now. I want to publish my books. You want to start a family business and go back to school. Despite what other people say we can’t forget that these are not bad reasons to wait on being parents. You’re only 30 and I’m only 28. Though we know so many incredible parents our age, that doesn’t mean it has to be our time. Lucky for us, we have their kids — our godchildren, nieces, and nephews — to love. Continue reading

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Meet A Wife Monday: Stephanie Volpe Drops By

A lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it. I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous I want you to meet them too. So, I introduce to you Meet A Wife Mondays. First up, meet my good friend Stephanie Connor Volpe!

Stephanie and CJ Volpe

The Wife: Stephanie, 33

The Man: CJ, 33

But You Can Call Them: The Volpes

How She Snagged Him: “We were great friends before we dated and we spent more and more time with one another. Before we knew it we realized we were soul mates.”

Married Since: May 2008

Harry and Rascal the catsThe Pets: Cats Harry and Rascal

Place They Call Home: A spacious two-bedroom apartment in downtown Montclair, NJ.

How She Pays the Bills: Event Planner

How He Pays the Bills: Media Relations Manager

What Makes Her Man Hot: “He laughs at my jokes, he’s cute, plus he loves me.” Continue reading

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Great Date Idea: Save On Dinner and A Movie (Combine The Two!)

AMC Cinema Suites experience photos Essex Green

You know how we said we were going to try the new AMC Cinema Suites experience last weekend? Well, it never happened. Instead we showed up a few minutes too late and it was sold out, so we had to turn around and head back home. We were so bummed we vowed to try again this weekend, and it we succeeded. Not only did we discover our new favorite way to see a movie, but we also found a way to save on our favorite type of date – also known as dinner and a movie nights.

Just in case you didn’t read the last post, here’s a refresher. The concept: AMC Theater’s is debuting a new line of theaters where you enjoy a meal and a movie in luxury. They’re called Dine-In Theaters and you can either attend a Fork and Screen showing (plush seats and seat-side service) or a Cinema Suites showing (plush and private reserved seats in pairs that recline and full bar at restaurant service at the click of a buzzer). An experience charge is added to your per ticket cost for each and then deducted from your food bill after the movie’s over. It’s a sweet deal if you think about it. We went with the Cinema Suites experience (The Man was pumped to hit the recliners and sip a beer) and although we paid $15 more per person and a total of $50 for our tickets, we were able to order $50 worth of food and drinks and have a $20 tab after the movie ended. So let’s do the math here: Normally on a Friday night if we go out to eat and order appetizers, entrees, and cocktails our bill can easily be $50 or $60 dollars, plus tip. Then we head over to the movies and spend another $25 for our tickets plus $10 on a shared soda and candy at the concession stand. By the end of the night we’ve spent about $100, give or take, if you include gas, tolls, taxes, and tips. Last night we only spent $70 dollars and we had all the same fun under one roof. That’s what I call smart saving!

Overall we enjoyed the experience. We were greeted upon entry to the theater and Continue reading

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Fab Posts Friday: Mini Dates, Aphrodsiac Recipes, Sexy Couple Shots, and More!

mini dates aphrodisiac recipes and more

Welcome back to Fab Posts Fridays! I read these posts this week and loved them and I’m thinking you will too!

What Marriage Looks Like to Me is a single guy’s explanation for why marriage is less like a jail sentence and more like joining the armed forces care/of my new favorite male blogger at Until I Get Married.

April and Gellyn’s Engagement Session photos are oozing with so much love and passion I had to grab a tissue – for real. Sweet and sexy shots can be found over at Cendino Teme Photography.

We Go On Mini-Dates introduces wives and girlfriends to a cute way of making the most of the time you have with the one you love (even if it’s not much!) over on (Not) So Single.

Natural Aphrodisiacs: Cooking Sensual Raw Food taught me how to heat things up at home without having to heat up a thing in the kitchen. Get recipes you (and him!) will love at Abiola TV.

Green Cleaning Tips, Tricks, and Recipes is an excellent intro to the art of the green clean for any of you dancing around the idea that I found over at The Newlyweds Next Door.

How to Have More Sex – The Great Kind is something I’m guessing every woman would want to read. (I clicked on it too, don’t be shy!) Get schooled over at

Find Modern Black and White Living Room Inspiration to die for over at Get It Girl Style. (I’m so inspired I’m scraping our plans to paint the living room crimson as we speak.

Read something great you want to share? Post the link below! I’m all about sharing the blogger love. TGIF!

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Weird Bathroom Behavior (Or Is It?)

our black and white damask bathroom

In case you haven’t heard yet, the surveys says 27 percent of Americans use Facebook while in the bathroom, more of which are women, apparently. At first glance this might sound weird, but on second thought, is it really? I came home and shared the new stat with The Man who then proceeded to tell me that a lot of what “we women” do in the loo is “weird” to him. You think? Well, here are a few of my bathroom confessions. Read ‘em and then you tell me.

In the bathroom I…

Sing unbelievably bad in the shower — usually loud enough to wake the neighbors!

Splash water on my dog when I’m in the shower without the door locked and she uses her nose to shove her nosy little butt on in.

Leave little post-it love notes and annoying reminders for my husband on these funky little pads I bought a while back. Continue reading

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4 Things You Should Always Let Your Husband Handle (Even If He Knows You Can)

Have you seen this Mentos commercial? It’s the one where a couple is sitting on the couch, the woman sees a spider and freaks out and then her guy tries to kill it and gets his ass kicked? It is funny times ten and reminds me of many a moment Gibran and I have had regarding insects and critters in the home (minus him getting his butt kicked by one of course). Although I’m slightly embarrassed to admit it, for the longest time, I couldn’t stand to see a bug indoors and would chose to scream at the problem instead of fix it. He usually just laughs at me, give me an oh-please look, and tries to find a way to get rid of the little guy without actually killing it – mice excluded, of course.

This was sort of our “routine” forever and then one day a creepy crawler paid me a visit and he wasn’t home. There was a thousand-leg waiting for me in our shower and I had to face my fear fast, or chicken out and go to work smelly. So I rose to the occasion and gagged a little, screamed a lot, and somehow still succeeded at squishing it with a paper towel. Then I went on with my day. When Gibran came home and I told him what I’d done his jaw hit the rug. He was so proud. I told him I didn’t want to be silly and bug him to do all the little things that I can do but just refuse to. Then he made an excellent point when he said to me, “baby I know you can do it, but as long as I’m around you shouldn’t have to do it!” Agreed honey! What matters most is that I proved to myself that when the situation called for it, I could.

This commercial brought me back to that moment and got me to thinking about the other things I let my husband handle, not because I can’t, but because he should. Here they are, and might I recommend adding them to your boo’s chore list, ladies?

1. Set/clean out vermon traps. It’s just gross and not something we women should have to deal with unless there’s no guy around. It’s a dirty job for a pretty lady. Want to help? Head to Home Depot and buy the traps or bug spray. That’s all the help they need on this one.

2. Moving boxes or heavy lifting. Yes, you’re the queen at kick boxing and a regular at the gym, but you still shouldn’t risk a back injury or breaking a nail if he’s around — seriously. Whenever we’ve got to change locations my rule is, I pack and unpack, you carry. Case closed! Continue reading

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