Meet A Wife Monday: Fab Writer Meredith Bodgas Stops By

Meredith Bodgas and Paul Meet A Wife Monday

A lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous I want you to meet them too. And so Meet A Wife Mondays was born. This week, meet my good friend and former colleague Meredith Bodgas!

The Wife: Meredith, 28

The Man: Paul, 28

But You Can Call Them: Meredith and Paul (She didn’t change her last name.)

How She Snagged Him: “We were both drummers in our middle-school band class, and I asked him out many times until he finally said yes in 8th grade.”

Married Since: 5.31.08

The Pet: “Our building doesn’t allow pets (sad!), but we’re both big dog-lovers.”

Place They Call Home: A one-bedroom apartment in a lovely pre-war building in Forest Hills, Queens.

How She Pays the Bills: Web editor/blogger

How He Pays the Bills: Software analyst (tech support for the software his company creates).

What Makes Her Man Hot: “He’s super-duper smart, he’s kind and helpful to everyone, and he seriously has the best butt I’ve ever seen on a guy.” Continue reading

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Dear Husband: I Confess, I Snooped Through Your Phone Last Night

Mobile Phone
Image by z_fishies via Flickr

Dear Man,

I’m writing you this morning because I have a little confession to share. Ready for this one? I snooped through your phone last night while you were sleeping. In my defense, I wasn’t looking for anything to pick a fight over. I was just bored and awake and it was just sitting there calling out to me. (I actually opened it see if you had any good games.) I doubt you’ll be upset because as you know I rarely do that and you’ve always made a point of saying we keep no secrets in our house so all possessions are fair game. But I felt the need to confess just in case since honesty is our best policy. If it’s any consolation, I’m actually kind of glad I looked because I really smiled at what I found. Continue reading

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Fab Posts Friday: Easy Chicken Nuggets, New Online Book Club, Wifey Confessions, and More!

Welcome back to Fab Posts Fridays! I read these posts this week and loved them, and I’m thinking you will too!

In Join the Club on The Unemployed Bride and some of her blogger friends have started a new online book club for women. Fun idea! Wench is the first book. Check out the post for joining info. (See you at the club!)

10 Things I Don’t Always Feel Like Doing, But Never Regret Having Done is a fun and honest list wife Paula over at Spousonomics shares with her readers. I’m working on a little one of my own too. Funny read, for sure!

This Easy Chicken Nuggets recipe from Unplanned Cooking gave me instant inspiration. It’s not exactly diet friendly but when we’re pressed for time and starved it will do!

In Look How Domestic My Wife Is John from Young House Love posts about what an awesome job his wife did making fabulous curtains for their home from scratch, and gives some of us lazier wives some inspiration to get off our butts.

Read something great you want to share? Post the link below! I’m all about sharing the blogger love. TGIF!

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Catch Me On Facebook Today Helping Out GetMarried.Com Readers

Hey out there! I’m excited to say that the team over at wedding site has asked me to guest chat on their Facebook fan page today from 12-1pm EST. If you know a bride-to-be looking for any first hand been-there-done-that style advice send her there. (P.S. I should also probably mention that I was a professional wedding expert and editor for three years before I started this blog or got married, so technically I qualify on both side – wink!)

GetMarried Badge

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My First Blog Award (Blush Alert!)

As a blogger who’s putting in the long nights just for the love of writing it’s always a treat to know someone is actually reading your blog – and an even bigger delight to know they’re a big fan. I just received this awesome Versatile Blogger award from dedicated reader Tiffany over at The Chocolate Knot, one of my favorite wifey blogs. I’m so flattered my cheeks ache! Thanks diva!! (Ladies, be sure to check out her blog ASAP, it’s too fab to handle!)

The Versatile Blogger Award

Okay, so this little honor comes with a few rules for recipient. Done!


1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. — CHECK
2. Answer 10 questions* (see below)
3. Pass it along to seven three blogs you’ve recently discovered and enjoy*.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

The Questions:

1. Why did you create this blog?
I love to write. (I’m a journalist by trade!) I love my husband. And I love our marriage. This blog felt like the way to join all three passions. I also personally believe that chronicling something from the beginning is the perfect way to look back and reflect over time. So when I got engaged I vowed to write about my marriage (ups and downs!) from the very start. And so my blog was born. Now I’m all about keeping a daily record of my thoughts, experiences, and highs and lows involving my marriage. It’s so therapeutic!

2. What kinds of blogs do you follow?
These days mostly marriage, relationship, and home décor blogs. BUT, before I was a wife I was an entertainment and weddings reporter so I still follow quite a few of those blogs too.

3. Favorite make-up brand?
I only wear MAC makeup when I want to look fabulous, but for my everyday look I’m all about the safe-for-face minerals that make Bare Escentuals my go to brand!

4. Favorite clothing brand?
I don’t really think about brands first, just style. BUT, a lot of the items hanging in my walk-in are from The LOFT and The Limited. (I dress my Yorkie Karma in clothes from The Limited too.) Continue reading

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How To Be A Bad-Ass Married Couple (And Other Thoughts On Breaking the Mold)

British Marriage Ad Campaign

Yesterday I found this off-the-wall ad on Jezebel, one of my favorite pro-women blogs. Apparently across the pond the people of Britain are freaking out because “the number of British people marrying has dropped to its lowest level since 1862”, so they created an ad campaign that promotes marriage like it’s the hard-core thing and rebellious thing to do. Over at Jezebel their take was that marketing marriage is “bizarre”, and I do agree. But, I think once you do get married (for the right reasons, not because you saw it on an ad!) there’s nothing wrong with being a bad-ass married couple.

Remember when I blogged about how The Man and I are so not The Huxtables, well I’d like to think that by not always playing by the typical rules of marriage that makes us kind of bas-ass, right? If we’re happy and kind to other, what’s so wrong with that? They say rules were made to be broken, right? So why shouldn’t those on marriage apply? When you think about it, being a “bad-ass” couple can be a good thing. As evidence I present The Man and Wife’s Guide to Being a Bad-Ass Married Couple.

Rule #1

Don’t hold your tongues! Be honest (even if painfully so) with each other and your in-laws always. Sometimes the politically correct thing to do is stay quiet or sugar coat how you feel, but we found that usually just causes more problems at home. We make no secret of the fact that communication is the foundation of our marriage, and when you pair it with honesty it can be really freeing. You’re going to hurt some feeling, and that’s unfortunate, but keeping your feelings bottled in will only hurt you later.

Rule #2

Express your love how you see fit! You’re married to each other not to the people who might be judging you. The Man and I have been planning to get matching ring finger tattoos with our wedding date since we tied the knot. We get a lot of strange looks when we mention that’s in our plans, but do you think we care? “What if you regret it?”, they say. We meant every vow we made to each other that day so I don’t think we could ever regret that moment.

Rule #3

Take a vacation you can’t afford, at least once! Yes, paying all your bills on time and saving money is the right (and smartest) thing to do. I’m not denying that. But honestly if that’s all you ever do your marriage might end up being sort of a snore. I’m not going to lie, our saving skills are sub par at best, but our scrapbook and minds are filled with some truly unforgettable and awesome vacation memories that wouldn’t have made the imprint on our relationship that they did if we hadn’t just opened our minds (and wallets) to the possibilities of the moment. Just sayin’…think about it. Continue reading

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