Happy Valentine’s Day Husband (From Your Nerdy Writer Wife)

Baby, this is how we writers/journalists say Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you like a fat kid loves cake!

Valentine's Day e-card 1

These wonderful Valentine’s Day cards for journalists are care of 10,000 Words. The super famous tech savvy blog my good friend Luckie created, then sold to Mediabistro.com (I’m so proud!)

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Meet A Wife Monday: Tiffany from The Formerly Unemployed Bride Stops By

Tiffany from The Unemployed Bride

A lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous that I want you to meet them too. This week, meet Tiffany Mack from Houston and her lovely family!

The Wife: Tiffany, age 37

The Man: Myron, age 37

But You Can Call Them: The Macks

How She Snagged Him: “I friended him on Facebook and the rest is history!”

Married Since: September 26, 2010

The Pet: “No pets just yet but he wants a boxer or an English bulldog. We’re still in negotiations on that…LOL!!”

Place They Call Home: “A 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse in Houston, Texas.”

How She Pays the Bills: Senior Accountant

How He Pays the Bills: Case Worker

What Makes Her Man Hot: “His smile, his arms, his intelligence…I could go on and on!” Continue reading

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Should Men Get Gifts On Valentine’s Day?

valentine's day love candyEvery February as Valentine’s Day approaches The Man and I argue about who the holiday is really for. I hint that I have a special gift for him in mind, then he says, “Baby Valentine’s Day is not fur us, it’s for you!” By “us” he means men, and by “you” he means women.

My husband firmly believes that men could care less about Valentine’s Day and that getting a man a gift or card is a total waste of money, though he’ll likely never tell you he feels this way. I on the other hand disagree for three main reasons: 1. I’ve never seen him turn down one of my gifts or reject a love dovey card. (EVER!) Which clearly means he enjoys my offers of love and gratitude on this day. 2. It’s called Valentine’s Day, not Woman’s Day, and he is my valentine, right? If I’m truly embracing the meaning of this commercialized lover’s holiday, than shouldn’t that than mean that I get my valentine a gift? And that would be my husband, hands down. 3. The last time I was in the card shop I could have sworn I saw a section of v-day cards for “husbands” from “wives”. Do you think a card giant like Hallmark would waste time and ink producing cards people don’t regularly buy? I don’t!

All I know is I won’t show up empty handed tomorrow! And so I ask, whose side are you on?

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Us Talking About Our Fight Style On The Tech Ticker Video Show on Yahoo Today

Since it’s no secret that we’re big fans of the new book Spousonmoics the authors asked us to be a part of a Yahoo TV feature on them and the book that aired on Tech Ticker. We had such fun! (thanks again for the invite ladies!) Here’s the clip:

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6 Topics I Think Every Wife Blogger Should Touch On (At Least Once!)

I’ve gotten such a warm welcome in to the wifey and relationship blogger community so far and I have to say that although mommy bloggers get all the buzz we’re a pretty awesome bunch ourselves. I find new marriage blogs I love every day and it’s always fascinating to see how although the styles and fonts and photos vary, the topics (especially the hot ones!) are often so similar. My point? We’re all hitting many of the same bumps and having the same thrills on this roller coaster ride known as marriage. We should take comfort in that, and take ideas form that too. I’m often inspired by other topics on blogs (remember my list of things I could do to make my husband happy?) and I believe if you see something that gets you commenting away on someone else’s blog, it’s probably worth mentioning to your readers too. So, here I offer 6 marriage and relationship topics I think ever wife blogger should tackle, at least once! (Especially if you’re hoping for some extra comment love that week!)

1. Wannabe Homewreckers – Wedding ring, or no wedding ring, there’s always someone out there who could care less whether or not you’re in a committed relationships and is just waiting at the line hoping you’ll cross it. What happens then? In my case, I blog about their creepy pickup lines.

2. Having Kids – Did you talk about what you both wanted in the children department before or after you said “I do”? Were you on the same page? It’s certainly one of the biggest decisions in a couple’s life and a topic people will always have differences of opinion on that can be surprising. My letter to my husband about our decision to wait, at least a little while longer, garnered way more support than I ever thought it would.

3. Who Does What? – As I told you all, The Man and I are so not The Huxtables. What does a “typical” married life look like these days anyway? I couldn’t tell you. My grandma would be shocked to hear that my husband does almost all the cooking and cleaning and my old women’s studies professor from college would probably not be happy to hear that I insist on using my female charm whenever we encounter a cop. What’s “normal” like in your home? Blog about it!

4. Your Failures, Be They Large or Small – No one is perfect! My husband burns cookies, and I spend way too much money on impulsive things. Hey, we’re human. As I say in my mission statement for this blog, “after dating for six years, we’ve got the whole love thing down solid, but it’s the marriage thing we’re working on perfecting.” What are you still struggling with? What happens in your not-so-finest hour? Spill those beans! Continue reading

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Fab Posts Friday: Recipe For Man Perfection, Sex Homework, Reunion Survival, and More!

It’s Fab Posts Friday! (AKA link love day!) I read these posts this week and loved them, and I’m thinking you will too!

In Top 10 Celebrities I Would Use To Make The Perfect Man the military wife behind Riding the Roller Coaster offers up this dreamy recipe for delicious man. (Hilarious!)

In Our Home Texas wife Kari from 2 Dogs & A Blog lets readers inside her new home, and I’m so glad she did. The décor is stunning and I’m totally loving (and inspired by!) her modern take on southern sophistication. (Plus, their two dogs make an appearance!)

Remember eating boxed mac and cheese back in college and loving it? Well, Sabra over at The Lonely Wife Project (her hubby’s busy getting his masters right now!) adapts a Martha Stewart recipe for the dish by adding a little bit of that “poor version” charm in Mac and Cheese All Grown Up.

That Wife took a break from living That Life to go off about the dangers of trusting product labels and the responsibility we all have to eat healthy (and locally) in Trans Fat. (A rant well worth reading!)

Over on The Young Mommy Life we get some homework help on heating things up in the bedroom from The Fine Art of Seduction. (I totally took notes!)

I skipped my high school reunion in favor of a family reunion in Vegas (zero regrets!) but if yours is coming up and you’re considering going try these 10 Tips For Surviving High School Reunions I found over at The Balance Beam. Had I gone, they would most definitely have come in handy.

You know how all the cutest clothes for cold weather have those pesky “hand wash only” labels inside? Well, take a course in the The Delicate Art of Hand Washing Your Winter Wardrobe from Coryanne at Housewife Bliss.

Read something great you want to share? Post the link below! I’m all about sharing the blogger love. TGIF!

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