Does Every Woman Want To Get Married?

man proposing to woman silhouetteThe other day I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine about the evolution from dating to love to marriage and how timing plays a part in all of that. We were having a pretty normal girl talk back and forth until she dropped this little doozey of a statement into the mix: “Whether they admit it or not, every woman wants to get married!” I found myself nodding yes, but thinking  “naaah!”  On the surface it sounds logical enough, right? I mean don’t all women eventually hope to marry? But then I thought about how some independent women I know who’ve already made it clear in their twenties that they don’t have any intentions of saying “I do” to anyone. Their reasons for feeling this way, when said to me, seemed totally valid. Continue reading

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Pet Steals: 7 Incredibly Cute Gifts For Your Pet Under 10 Bucks

Cute Crate and Barrel dog and cat giftsCrate and Barrel is practically giving away their modern pet accessories online this week – seriously! I snagged a major deal on the “woof” collar and lead and the paw chain today for The Dog and just had to share. Hurry, quantities are low!

1. Woof Small Dog Collar ($6.95)

2. Woof Dog Lead ($6.95)

3. Engravable Red Paw Print Charm ($0.95)

4. Green Cat Bowl ($6.95)

5. Woof Dog Mat ($2.95)

6. Poop Bag Carrier ($7.95)

7. Set of 3 Mice Catnip Toys ($9.95)

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Dear Husband: We Have to Stop Fighting Over Who Drives Best

Dear Man,

Do you realize we have most of our fights in the car? The sad part is we’re not arguing over anything substantial, but rather nitpicking at each other about our driving technique (and lack thereof). What’s going on with us? It’s silly to fight over speed limits, tight turns, and lane-changing every single day. We’re better than this, right? Look, I know I’m the biggest backseat driver of them all, but that’s because I’m not in the back where I can just stare out the window and ignore it, but rather I’m in the freakin’ front seat where I see and feel everything you do behind the wheel. Continue reading

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Let The Living Room Makeover Begin! (Which Color Should We Paint It?)

Since we’re newlyweds who couldn’t afford to move into a new house after we got married we’ve decided that doesn’t mean we can’t give our apartment a whole new look. We’ve been here two years and we’re about to sign on for a third. We need a change! We’re going to embark on the ultimate apartment makeover, and we’re going to pace ourselves and take things one room at a time. Our living room is up first since we spend the most time there. Here are the before pictures. The room is a little Man (neutral earth tones, giant comfy chair, over-sized entertainment unit) and a little Wife (color block rug, round end tables, and glass coffee table) but it’s not at all “us”. So we’re going to try to make it that way before spring hits on March 21st.

our living room makeover before pictures

Up first on the agenda is painting the space. I cannot stand the plain walls. (I’ve never lived anywhere that wasn’t splattered with color and I can’t believe I’ve survived in this room so long without it.) Continue reading

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4 Things My Husband Should Pay Me To Do (In A Perfect World)

I just read about a man who pays his wife to do his laundry, and has been since 1996. Technically he pays her in gas money by filling up her tank every time it needs it. It sounds bizarre enough, but it all started because he’s a self proclaimed slob who constantly let laundry pile up to unbelievable heights and his wife had enough of dealing with it. When he asked her to do it for him she said “only if you buy my gas when the tank is empty”. Genius! This actually worked. If only I could talk my husband into bribing me to do things. This couple doesn’t combine their money at all so it works for them, but most days we look at our combined income as “our money” so technically if Gibran bribed me with payment for chores and such he’d be giving me back some of our joint cash right? And that would be kind of silly. BUT, it’s nice to imagine getting “paid” to do the things you don’t want to do around the house or in your marriage, right? In the perfect world, I’d love it if my husband paid me to do the following:

4 Things My Husband Could Pay Me To Do (In A Perfect World)

1. Keep the household bills, appointments, and flow in order. Sometimes reminding him to go the doctor or request time off from work makes me feel like a personal assistant anyway, so why not earn some hourly wages for it?

2. Empty his pockets before putting his clothes in the laundry. If it weren’t for me he’d have washed away cash, a couple cell phones, and a winning lottery scratch off by now – seriously! Continue reading

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Meet A Wife Monday: Super Awesome Blogger Hallie Stops By

A lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous that I want you to meet them too. This week, meet one of my favorite wife-bloggers, Hallie!

The Wife: Hallie Fairfax Goodman Moore, ageless

The Man: Joseph Slade Moore , similarly ageless

But You Can Call Them: The Moores

How She Snagged Him: “He knew I was the one right away, but I wasn’t single. So he waited…”

Married Since: 6.18.06

dog with fake mustacheThe Dog: Bernie, our beloved snuggly pug.

Place They Call Home: Part time in Prospect Heights Brooklyn, and part time in Hudson, New York (2 hours upstate)

How She Pays the Bills: Freelance magazine writer and blogger

How He Pays the Bills: Art Department for many popular reality TV shows

What Makes Her Man Hot: “His smell, his eyes, his laid-back, under the radar wit.”

Continue reading

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