5 Types of Men Who Make Great Husbands

wedding rings great husbands wedding bandsIn my line of work, I meet a lot of great husbands and the wives who adore them. Over time, it’s not hard to pick up on a pattern among these men — especially when I chat with other wives about why they chose the men they’ve married and what qualities in their husbands have most shaped their marriage. For all those single women out there who often wonder what type of man they should marry, or how they will know if he’s The One they’re meant to spend forever with, this list is 100-percent for you. It has been prepared with love and careful consideration. It’s based on my own personal experience as a wife, those of the many wives I’ve encountered throughout my career as a Weddings and Relationships Editor, and the observations I’ve made about the great husbands I’ve met or bumped into over the years. It doesn’t have all the answers, but I promise you, it will at least have some of those you seek. Read on, ladies.

The Provider

He puts family first, always. He’s a selfless man, who lives to please those he cares most about. He’s the kind of man who can work two jobs in his sleep, always has a side-hustle in mind to earn more money, and guards his savings with his life. He can’t rest until he knows the ones he loves are okay. He strives for perfection at home and in the office. Work life balance is very important to him, but if missing time with his loved ones means a better life for them, he’s always game to put in the overtime and take one for the team. Words like “no”, “can’t”, and “impossible”, are just not in his vocabulary, and when he hears others use them, it only increases his devotion to the task at hand.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: Marriage is the start of a new family; your family. You will both want to provide for the family you create together, and it’s imperative that you are partners with the same goals in mind. That said, there will be times when one person just cannot do as much as the marriage (or family) requires – such is life. Marrying a natural-born provider will be a huge plus when the scales in your marriage tip, as they inevitably will at different points along your path.

The Rock

At your weakest moments, his strength keeps you stable and inspires you to push through. He isn’t immune to pain or frustration, but he does handle it well, and he knows how to pull himself out low places. He’s the kind of man who never misses your call when he knows you need to get something off your chest, or better, just a friend to be there for you. Speaking of chests, his is always there for you to lean on, squeeze, and find comfort in when it feels like only a hug will do.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: He’s loyal, devoted, and a true pillar in the world of the woman he loves. This is the perfect recipe for a loving husband that you can count on through thick and thin; what woman doesn’t dream of marrying one of those?

The Critical Thinker

There isn’t a problem, big or small, that he isn’t itching to solve. He’s a quick, solid, thinker, who hates to be backed into a corner. He doesn’t just see the problem in front of him; he sees a roadmap of the many solutions available to him and takes his time as he determines the best way to get there, or the course of action he must take. He is patient, because he has to be — rushing things is rarely the answer and he knows this. He’s diligent, focused, and considers himself a mental Olympian of sorts.

Why He Makes a Good Husband: Marriage is truly beautiful, but it comes with its share of problems, and its rough patches. Happier times aren’t always just around the bend — getting there may require a detailed plan and thinking smarter not harder. He will make a great team player during the moments where the only way to win is to work together, and trust me, those moments can and will arise in marriage. Continue reading

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Leap Day Date Ideas: You’ve Got An Extra Day to Love Each Other

Happy Leap Day everyone! We’ve been blessed with an extra day in 2012. The way I see it, that’s one more day to spend with the one you love, and one last chance to squeeze in some loving during the most romantic month of the year. So, what will you do with this bonus time together? I have some ideas, of course. (Hey, you know me.) Wanna hear ‘em? Here they are:

Watch a leap day movie together in bed — with popcorn! — and enjoy and poke fun at the awesomely bad plot line. (Come on, is there really such thing as a good movie about leap day?)

Redo a failed date from earlier in the month. An extra day is the perfect excuse to try that date you fudged again. Go back to the restaurant that had no more reservations that night you called or take that drive you’d planned to take right before it rained. Whatever – just give it one more try!

Write romantic letters addressed to each other that you vow to open on the next leap year. There’s something kind of sexy about flirting with your future selves, no?

What will you do tonight? Make it count ladies (and gentleman)!

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7 Oscars 2012 Red Carpet Looks You Can Pull Off On A Fancy Date Night

Oscar dresses red carpet looks 2012 oscars 2012 red carpet looks best dressedAs my husband and I jump back and forth between the Academy Awards and the All-Star Game tonight (talk about a clash), I found a few moments to spot these 7 fabulous looks worthy of putting your own spin on the next time you and yours head out somewhere fancy. Now, I’m no fashion editor, so bear with me, and make ‘em your own. ☺

Anna Faris in Diane Von Furstenberg
Black + Shiny + Fitted = A Hit Every Time

Glenn Close in Zac Posen
Throwing a matching, fitted blazer over a gorgeous gown shows you’re sexy and you mean business.

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji & Neil Lane
It doesn’t have to be sleeveless to be sexy – just make sure the gown is embellished to perfection.

Viola Davis in Emerald Green Vera Wang
Sweetheart necklines make your sweetheart go crazy.

Maya Rudolph in Johanna Johnson & Neil Lane
Accentuate those waists.

Virginia Madsen
Bright pinks and purples always say “sexy”.

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3 Ways to Think Like a Husband, But Act Like a Wife

In a marriage, some situations tend to feel like it’s his way versus her way. For some things, it will always be about the battle of the sexes, but what if, occasionally, doing something his way, in your own way, could actually help smooth things out? Scratching your head on this one? That’s cool. Here’s what I mean: Continue reading

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You Don’t Know Jack About My Marriage (The Tale of the Nosy Woman in the Coffee Shop)

woman eavesdropping

Mind your business lady.

I’m a pretty easygoing woman. No, actually, there’s no need to be modest here. I’m one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, promise. I don’t make a fuss out of much, I’m as kind to others as I’d want them to be to me, and I try to be there for all the people I love. It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers, but I can tell you that if you do insist on boiling my blood, taking a shot at my marriage is a quick way to get there.

The other day I made a run to Dunkin Donuts for coffee for my husband and I. We were in the middle of talking money and planning for the year when I left, so when I walked in to find a long line of patrons in front of me, I decided to call him up continue our conversation. I wasn’t speaking loudly, but the woman behind me heard much of my conversation, and listened closely. Continue reading

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Decor Ideas: 13 Easy Ways to Decorate With Love

Our “Love Collage” wall art is the biggest decor hit in our home. No one enters without going “aww” or telling us they “love it so much.” Back when we made over our living room to better reflect our story, we decided to make the collage the centerpiece of the room because love is the centerpiece of our home. You can’t enter without feeling it somewhere. In case you’d like to decorate with love, I rounded up a few other pieces I’ve eyed in the past. I hope it inspires. Let me know if you decide to try any. (Pictures, please!)

decor ideas romantic decor love decor modern decor ideasWhat You See:

Live Every Moment Vinyl Wall Art (WallWritten.com, $24.95-$46.95)

Full of Love Vase (Etsy, $24.00)

Recycled Glass Love Vases (Etsy, $24.00)

With Love Pillow Cover for Charity (Etsy, $26.00)

Couch Couples Stationery (Etsy, $61.50)

SCRABBLE Love Banner (Etsy, $10.50)

Highlighted Love Mural Vinyl Wall Art (Blik, $45.00)

modern love decor modern decor ideas modern romantic wedding ideasWhat You See:

Love Is Spoken Here Vinyl Wall Art (WallWritten.com, $19.95-$39.95)

Lovebirds Vinyl Wall Art (Blik, $38.00)

Ceramic Love Vase (UncommonGoods.com, $28.00)

I Love You Much E.E. Cummings Canvas Poem (Etsy, $35.00)

Post-It Super Sticky Heart Shaped Notes (Amazon.com, $6.00)

Love is Why We Are Here Love Art (Bed Bath and Beyond, $39.99)

I Carry Your Heart Bowl (UncommonGoods.com, $28.00)

Have you found a stylish way to bring more love into your home? Share them below!

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