Fab Posts Friday: A Hot Dress Giveaway, Drink Recipes (and Horoscopes), Home Tours and Much More!

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I gave all these posts a thumbs up this week. Read them, and I bet you’ll enjoy them too!

Is your his and hers movie taste questionable? The Gibsons are starting to think theirs might be – that is of course when they analyzed their Netflix queue in Croctopus 3D and found things like “Terror at Blood Fart Lake” and “Sharktopus” waiting in the wings. I laughed out loud when I read this one because The Man and I have also ordered a few movies I’m not proud of, AND stuck them out until the awful painfully bad end. If you can relate, go share a laugh with them!

Just discovered that The Newlyweds Next Door have an awesome giveaway blog, and apparently at just the right time. Right now you can enter to win a super cute Shabby Apple Dress you could wear to work or brunch with the hubs. (So fierce!) I’m entering, and you should too! (P.S. Hurry it ends on May 10th!)

I’m a huge fan of the fun mix of humor and recipes over on Dinner, A Love Story. There’s nothing not to love about her blog. Each week I enjoy her posts more and more, and this week’s What Your Drink Says About You was one of her finest. It was there that I learned how to make a Vodka Soda and found out that drinking one says, “Whoa, check this out: I think I’ve found a way to get drunk without really having to taste the alcohol.” (Which is in fact, SO me!)

My friend Stephanie and I like to crash open houses all the time just to take a peek at other people’s home décor style. Thanks to A Bowl Full of Lemons‘ fabulous Parade of Homes Tour blog hop party we just freed up the rest of our spring and summer Sundays because we can look at all the lovely detail inside hundreds of fabulous homes. I just can’t get enough of this blog hop and you’ll feel the same way too! (OMG, go like now, right now!)

Even as someone living blissfully kid-free even I got a kick out of how the interior design savvy wife and mom over on Young House Love found a (uber creative) way to keep her toddler out of the trash can AND teach her something in Garbage Pail Kid. Seriously Moms, you gotta read this one! Continue reading
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Does Your Marriage Deserve Some Credit? (F You FICO Scores!)

cut up credit cards debit cards love marriage couples debtOurs doesn’t! I’m not talking about cool points here, but rather the stuff FICO scores are made of. I’m not even going to pretend like The Man and I have good credit because that would be a big fat lie. When we got engaged a lot of people said to me, “be careful because now your credit will be his credit”. I laughed out loud every time I heard this because we both have crappy scores so no harm done there.

The truth is we both abused our credit at different times in our lives. Mine went to hell when I was a stressed out grad student who believed retail therapy soothed all things. His took a turn for the worst when he met me and my ridiculous shopping habits immediately wore off on him. Now we suffer together every time Macy’s taunts us with the opportunity to get an extra 20 percent off if we open a card, and we quickly pretend we’re not interested when we know it’s really because there’s no way any bank we’d be foolish enough to give either of us a new card. Or when we fall in love with a new apartment building only to read “FICO score 650 or better” in the fine print for applications. So sad, but so true.
Now, we’re no fools, we’re working on it. It’s a slow climb back to the top of the credit score later but we’re doing our best to get there. One of the decisions we made was to revoke our card swiping privileges all together and keep the cards we haven’t yet paid off at home locked away in a place we know we should never go. Yes, our marriage, for the moment, isn’t deserving of any credit. We’re at peace with this, but that doesn’t make the waiting easy. Especially when I read articles like this one I found on the best credit card deals for newlyweds on FoxBusiness.com that makes me wish we’d been smarter when we first fell in love. Continue reading

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You Are Never Too Old To Find Love: Meet The Oldest Newlyweds Ever

She’s 90 and he’s 100! You two go ahead now!!! I love everything about this story. (Including the fact that they can still dance!)


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Almost Wordless Wednesdays: The Start Of Our Family Tree

Man WIfe and Dog family tree photo
I’m one of those people that looks for meaning and value in everything I see and do. I chose to post this picture we took together last weekend in the park because when I look at it I see a lot more than two people who couldn’t wait to have a reason to wear shades again. I see beauty, I see life, I see happiness, and I see family – our family tree – and the space on each side of us makes me imagine how sweet it will be to watch us grow that family and fill up the bottom of the tree. Not ready for babies just yet (as you know from that infamous letter I wrote my husband) but the warm what-if thoughts that came to me when I stared at this photo are the closest I’ve come to being ready.

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When There Is No Me In Us

pos it me time noteLet me first just say that I adore my marriage and my husband more than a blog post could ever express and I absolutely could not in any way shape or form imagine my life without him in it. That being said, I must confess that lately I’m feeling what I’m going to call the “marriage squeeze hold” on my life and I’m finding it a little bit hard to deal with at times. Because I am one half of “us” lately it feels like there are so many things that I want to do for us that I can’t seem to find the time for me.

Sure, my husband is super supportive of my individuality, but I’m learning that having the support alone is not enough to get you to the point where you take the inch you’re given. If I had a dollar for every time he said “Baby, go ahead and blog, or go get your hair done, I’m just going to hang out” and I said “I could but then I wouldn’t see you before bed and it’s important to spend time together” I’d be loaded. I had a real “aha” moment the other day in the nail salon regarding these little feelings I’d been harboring. I got in the chair and the lady looked at my feet and said, “oh no! big job!” I was mortified at the thought of just how right she was, even if she was a little rude in going about it. I hadn’t had a pedicure since my wedding – NO JOKE! We’ve been married for six months now! It’s not that I haven’t done anything I wanted to do since saying “I do” but I don’t think I’ve done enough of it to feed my soul the “me time” nutrients it really needs. Continue reading

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Love Homework: This Week Experience A First Together

We had so much fun last week dedicating songs to our husbands — thanks so much to all the participants in last week’s homework! Now, on to this week’s matters of the heart:

The Assignment

There’s always an element of excitement involved when you do something for the first time – especially when you do it together. Is there something you or your husband have never done before and always wanted to that you could do together? Now I’m not talking about bungee jumping here – hey, if you have the time and the means to go out and do that this week more power to you – but rather the smaller things that you keep saying you “should do” or “want to do” but just haven’t. There really is a first time for everything, especially when it comes to love. Sit down together and have a conversation about a few things you’ve wanted to try or do lately and see if there’s a way you can share the “first” together. Remember you don’t have to over think this or make it too difficult. Think: Going to an oxygen bar, renting a bike and taking a ride through a nearby park, or maybe facing a fear. Try to plan a time to do this “thing” together. It could be a first for you, or him, or for you both – doesn’t matter just plan to do it. What was it like experiencing something this first together? Did it make the moment that much more special? Was it memorable? Did it turn out to be a total bust or a disaster? Share the “first”, how it went, and the emotions that were involved. (Note: If you’ve already shared a first recently, just blog about that. Star pupils who stay ahead of the class are always welcome here!)

My Homework

Although my husband and I do have so much in common with each other there are still things we’re opposite on. Up until recently, going to church was one of them. Without getting too much into our personal religions here I’ll say this: I grew up with church having a presence in my life and he did not. Though we share a belief in God we’ve never been in agreement on how one should go about praising him. It was never a deal breaker within our relationship, just something we didn’t always see eye to eye on. The important thing is we’ve always respected each others wishes on this subject and agreed to disagree at times – until Easter. My husband had never stepped foot in a church (not even at our wedding because we got married outside) and after thinking about how wonderful and inspired I’ve always felt after a service (not that I go as much as I should) I felt like there was no way I wasn’t bringing him with me for Easter. So I asked him to give me the honor of sharing his first church experience with me, his new wife, and to my surprise he wasn’t resistant at all. His answer: “Sure, why not. Do I need to go shopping for a fancy Easter suit?” Ha! I told him to come in whatever he felt comfortable in and to only stay if he was enjoying himself. He said we had a deal and the night before I ironed and laid out his clothes to be sure we would get the next day started on the right foot.man and wife at churh on easter sunday love homework

On Easter morning he tried to pretend he didn’t hear the alarm clock but I drug him out of bed just the same. He cracked a few jokes about hats and crazy suits when we got there but once he sat down and heard the music I saw a different kind of smile on his face. I held his hand tightly as we sat together in the back, where he said he’d feel most comfortable. The music was amazing and as I sang along and clapped my hands I noticed he still had a tight hold on mine. I looked over at him and smiled. Aww! He was a little nervous, very curious, and seemingly excited overall. Back when I decided to talk him into going I really had no clue what his reaction would be to any of it, so it really felt good to see him just taking it all in and seemingly so at peace with his decision to take me up on my offer to receive a blessing – whether he felt he needed it or not. Continue reading

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