Meet A Wife Monday: Mommyhood Blogger Amber Stops By

AMber from Yeyo diaries and family Meet A Wife Monday

A lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous I want you to meet them too. This week, meet wifey and mommyhood blogger Amber from The YeYo Diaries !

The Wife: Amber, 30

The Man: Mohammed, 35

But You Can Call Them: The Wrights (a.k.a. Beauty & the Geek)

How She Snagged Him: “He couldn’t resist my sexy legs!”

Married Since: 8.18.06

The Kid: A too-cute-for-words baby girl named Natalie

Amber and family cats Meet A Wife MondaysThe Cats: Smitty and Pepper: 11 year old, ½ Siamese Cats

Place They Call Home: Long Beach, CA

How She Pays the Bills: Meeting & Event Services Coordinator at a university

How He Pays the Bills: Dadgineer (Stay at home dad & domestic engineer)

What Makes Her Man Hot: “The way he loves God, loves me, and loves our daughter. Oh, and he makes a mean tuna salad sandwich!”

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Fab Posts Friday: A Flowchart for Non Cookers, Life Saving Magazines, A Blogger Reality Show and More!

I adored these posts this week and I bet you will too!
Maintaining a blog is no joke! Any blogger will tell you that it really take a toll on the balance in your life, and that’s why I was so touched by this Vlog Update by Christina from Being Mrs. Jones. In it she talks about the struggle to grow her business, be present in her family life, and maintain a well-liked blog that she’d like to see get more personal. “I’m more than just a mom,” she says. Yes, Christina you are so much more! (A must see video for all bloggers who struggle with balance.)
What happens when eight bloggers get together and decide to get real? They create the first ever blogger reality show, the brainchild of my boy Q at Thank Q For Common Sense. Tune in to The Real Blogger Shores Amazing Undercover Idol now! (Not kidding, it’s awesome!)
We all laugh at the over the top and exaggerated cover lines we see on magazines today. But they’re not all fluff and games. When I read The Magazine That Saved My Life over on Long Distance Loving I was moved by her story on how the May 2008 issue of Glamour magazine’s 2-Minute Cancer Test helped her get an early melanoma diagnosis and is the reason she’s alive today to write about it. Grab your tissues and go read her story. You may never look at a newsstand the same way.
If you love babies, teddy bears, and sweet love letters you’ll be oohing and awing over One Month Old on Proud to Be A New Jersey Wife instantly. It’s a tribute to her one month old that made this non-momma almost ready to be one. And, oooh the photos! Beautiful post!
Now you know I’ve made no secret of the fact that I don’t cook the meals in our house, thought I often try and want to. So, imagine my delight to find out that I’m not the only wife who buys groceries, tries, and fails at cooking for her husband on the regular. Jocelyn over at The Science of Marriage created the most hilarious flow chart ever about her cooking misadventures in If Being A Wife Required Me to Cook I’d Be A Complete Failure. Please go read her post now – you will just die laughing!
I know very little if anything about pregnancy but thanks to the wife behind What the Graham?‘s awesome Weekly Pregnancy Highlights I’m learning what to expect and how to not bore people with pregnancy talk. The roundups are cute and sweet and very informative for those of us who have yet to embark on the road to mommyhood.

Has one of your blog posts been featured on Fab Posts Fridays? Yes? That’s pretty awesome. So awesome in fact, that you do know it’s totally okay to pat yourself on the back a little right? Here’s a fun badge for your blog to help you do so!

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Q: Do You Have Marriage Role Models? (Couple Crush Alert!)

michelle and barack obama photos fist bump

It’s a great question and I can’t really take credit for asking it. I read it over on Jezebel in an article about the demise of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver‘s marriage. (I was a little shocked too — they did survive the Terminator movies, all the late night TV accent jokes, and his time as Governor.) But it’s such a good one I just have to answer and ask around. (You know me!) Do you have marriage role models? Who are they?

I had to ponder on this one for awhile but the first couples that came to mind were Michelle and Barack Obama (of course!) and Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker. I have a couple crush on both pairs – like high school doodle in notebook style crush – and I’m proud of that. The Obamas are strong and focused together. They make the ultimate power team and they get the job done (they live in the White House, hello!) with a smile and a fist bump. I love that they’re playful and obviously so in love, yet their relationship always appears rock solid and invincible to life’s bullshit. I want The Man and I to be able to set goals together, achieve them together, and then celebrate in that pride and bliss together. Not saying we don’t have a little of that power couple mojo going on already, but ultimately we could work on our teamwork in our marriage. Mainly as it pertains to building our empire and furthering our joint successes and our wealth. Put simply, if Michelle and Barack can plot to make it to the White House master bedroom I know The Man and I can start at least one of the business ideas we always throw around together. Ambition is a turn on, and clearly The Obamas keep the passion alive in their marriage. What’s not to love? (Add in the gorgeous and smart kids and the cute hypoallergenic dog and you’ve basically got our American Dream right there – minus the whole commander in chief/first lady piece.)

borise kodjoe and nicole ari parker family and kids

Now abut my obsession with the Kodjoes: I adore them for very different reasons, though equally appealing to my heart. We’ll just skip over the fact that they’re both drop dead gorge – we know that, now let’s move on to the good part. As a married team they’re masters of keeping their family life sane and private in Hollywood. That’s like a magician’s feat these days. Almost all press about them is good press and when they grace the covers of our favorite magazines with their cutie patootie kids wrapped in their arms and giant smiles plastered across their faces you can open the pages to read a tale of family and love that’s actually worthy of the spotlight they’re given. How many times do we see celebrity families on a cover and then read about their slow motion train wreck lives inside the pages? (Too often!) But not this family! While most a-list Hollywood spouses are out getting botox and free swag together these two are at home teaching their kids multiple languages and the arts and showing them that there’s a great life outside of the spotlight too. We’re not parents yet, but when we decide to have little humans I will be trying to channel the Kodjoes as we try our best to become star parents in our children’s eyes. Continue reading

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VLOG: The Man Explains Why Men Fear Your Purse (Hilarious!)

Rant alert! Whenever I need anything out of my purse and it’s closer to my husband the conversation usually goes exactly like this:

Man: Where are my shades? Have you seen them?

Wife: Yup, I thought you might leave them on the counter in the store so I put them in my purse.

Man: Sigh. Can you get them? I want to wear them to walk The Dog.

Wife: Um, my bag’s sitting right next to you. Just grab them honey.

Man: You know I’m not going in there!

Man picks up bag and tosses it in Wife’s lap.

Man: Just get them for me please. That bag is no man’s land!

Wife: Sigh. You have got to be kidding me!

Seriously, that’s pretty much how it goes every single time. Please note that he will quicker hold or carry my bag for me when I’m juggling too much than he would go into it to get something. What the huh? Each time I get annoyed that he’s annoyed that he has to go in my bag and I ask him what gives. His response is always the same and it’s usually a min rant to the tune of “there’s way too much stuff in there it frustrates me” or “who can find anything in there?” So let’s get this straight here: I can dig through a massive pile of your dirty laundry and workout clothes to help you out when you’re frantically looking for a matching sock to wear to work, but you can’t rummage through some makeup, hair supplies, and magazines for me? There’s a problem here. Men, face your fears, I beg you! A woman’s bag will not bite you, promise!

Now, in all fairness (this blog will never be a husband-bashing vehicle) I gave my husband a chance to respond to this on camera. Here is his (hilarious!) vlog response, all weigh-ins welcome!


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This Wordless Wednesday Is Brought to You By The Dog (A Message For All Dog Mamas)

…who’s a little camera shy right now because she got punished for missing her wee-wee pad AGAIN. But she insisted she get more play on the blog so she has a video message she’d like to share with all you dog mamas and dads out there.  (Video message brought to you by Hartz Home Protection Training Pads — see below!) Happy Hump Day!

Cute yorkie hiding under pillow


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How to Know When To Just Shut the Fudge Up

By now I’m sure most of you have read my now infamous guide to How to Successfully Nag Your Husband. When I wrote it I was most concerned with a wife’s needs when it comes to nagging, even though I found my arguments to be very fair. But now thanks to this awesome Should You Bring It Up O Meter I found over on Spousonomics I’ve decided it may be time to look at The Man’s side of things – particularly when it comes to my “professional” nagging. The truth is, even though my tactics work most times, according to this chart I’m breaking a lot of rules to earn the success.

I’m not sure how I really feel about that. On one hand, I feel bad that I am guilty of quite a few of these “Drop It” offenses, but then on the flip side I also feel like based on our schedules if I follow these rules I may never get a word in with The Man. Ha! All in all I think it’s great advice for married couples but I have to admit that having a drink or two before I go toe to toe with my husband about a hot topic sometimes helps me drive my point home without caving too soon and I have to bring up something at least three times before he’ll even start to listen. So where does that leave me? In the drop it zone? Ha! The jury’s still out on this one.

Were you privy to these nagging wife guidelines? Are you guilty of not dropping things when you should? Tell me I’m not alone here ladies!

nagging wife flow chart spousonomics

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