Yet Another Amazing Wedding Proposal Video Goes Viral (Have You Seen This?)

A few weeks ago i shared an amazing movie trailer proposal with you that blew my mind. Well now it looks like men around the world have accepted the challenge of topping that one. This one, is tough competition. Check out this new (and also soon to be viral) proposal video where a man paints a mural in New York City to propose to his lady in front of — love it! Tissues, please! [youtube][/youtube]

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Meet A Wife Monday: Tiffany From The Chocolate Knot Stops By

A lot of things inspire me to want to keep my marriage healthy and happy. One of them is meeting other wives who are making it work every day, and loving it! I knew quite a few before I said “I do”, and since Man Wife and Dog Blog was born I’ve met so many more. They’re all so fabulous I want you to meet them too. This week, meet blogger Tiffany from The Chocolate Knot!

The Wife: Tiffany, 28

The Man: Marty, 35

But You Can Call Them: The Maberrys (no, it’s not Mayberry)

How She Snagged Him: “We worked for the same company, but it took two years for us to ever acknowledge each other.”

Married Since: 6.27.09

The Pet: “We’ve got a few tropical fish, but Marty’s been dying for a schnauzer.”

Place They Call Home: “A 5-bedroom home in the suburbs just minutes from Atlanta.”

How She Pays the Bills: Corporate Blogger (Online Content Manager, to be exact)

How He Pays the Bills: Loss Prevention District Manager for a major retailer

What Makes Her Man Hot: “He’s always been dedicated to his career, his eyebrows, and his teeth are perfect!”

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Fab Posts Friday: Husband Communication Failure, Fantasies Gone Wrong, The Ready For Baby Checklist And More!

marriage blogs fab posts fridays

I read these posts this week and loved them so much I had to share. Bet, you will too!
In The One Where The Hubby Doesn’t Listen and Injures Himself my girl Dai over at ALovelyDai delves into the idea that the men we love aren’t really listening to the loving things we say, and instead it’s just the nagging (or the game) that they hear. Her I said-he heard examples are hilarious, girls. Go. Read. Laugh. Comment!
Does your hubby have a fantasy you can’t get down with? The wife over at Housewife Blogger knows a thing or two about it. Her post We Don’t Agree On Everything takes a look at what happens when fantasies collide!
I recently discovered Love And Olive Oil and I’m hooked girls. Think healthy yummy recipes made with love. What else could a food lover want? This week she taught me how to combine two of my favorite things; red wine and pasta. Get the Red Wine Spaghetti With Broccoli Recipe now!
Feel like your “communication” comes over as “talking a lot” as far as your husband is concerned? If you answered “hell yes” you’ll enjoy this couple’s VLOG. Go watch Overcoming Our Differences on Marsh Mellow Goodness like now!
In Looking Through Old Blog Posts over on Eat Move write one wife takes a look back at what she and her husband were up to two years ago (through the eyes of their blog) and reflects on what has and hasn’t changed. Make it past the food rant and there’s great stuff in the bottom of this post. Reflection is key in any marriage lades!
In Am I Ready For A Baby on Newlyweds On A Budget you’ll find a very handy little list of how to know when you’re ready for kids. I can totally relate to all the “baby buzz” and talk that newlyweds have to endure. If you can too, check this post out.

Has one of your blog posts been featured on Fab Posts Fridays? Yes? That’s pretty awesome. So awesome in fact, that you do know it’s totally okay to pat yourself on the back a little right? Here’s a fun badge for your blog sidebar to help you do so!

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1 Plus 1 Equals The Most Romantic Love Song Ever (Thanks Beyonce!)

beyonce 4 album coverThe fabulous and uber talented Beyonce debuted her new song 1+1 on American Idol last night and release the official track today. It’s so beautiful I cried the first time I heard it and every part of me wanted to just get up from my desk, rush home, and go squeeze my husband’s face between my hands.

It’s not often that a song embodies every single emotion and lyric of my soul, but this one my friends, goes there AND some. It’s as if she snuck into my heart and stole every lyric. It’s so raw, beautifully written and beautifully sung. (Beyonce, you’ve got yourself a classic on your hands.) I couldn’t wait to get home and play it for The Man. I did and he loves it too. If we were getting married right now, this would be our official all-things-wedding song. Here’s the song for your enjoyment. Isn’t it beautiful!?


What song could have come right from your heart to his?

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If Your Marriage Got Pulled Over What Would You Get A Ticket For?

fake speeding ticketSilly analogies are what The Man and I do best. This one came to us in the middle of a commercial break during last night’s playoff game while we were mastering the art of coexisting. We had so much fun calling out our fake “offenses” that I just had to share. Here they are! (Note: We issued these tickets to ourselves!) What would yours be?

His Tickets

Offense: Failure to be romantic on special holidays.
Fine: No great gifts from The Wife on the next one unless he can do better.

Offense: Speeding through the cleaning process and misplacing The Wife’s stuff.
Fine: Supervised cleaning for one month.

My Tickets

Offense: Ignoring hubby stop signs and working too much in the evenings
Fine: Nightly technology ban one hour before work

Offense: Excessive talking during The Man’s me time.
Fine: Mandatory girls only nights (out of the house) every other Friday.

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The Dog Is 3 Today (Happy Birthday Karma!)

Forgive us, we don’t yet have kids! Our little fur baby is three years old today, and 21 in dog years! Yes, we’re pouring her a shot tonight – just kidding, PETA!

happy birthday dog card

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