It Is Unofficial Show Man Wife and Dog Blog Some Love Day (Thank You!)

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I just wanted to stop for a moment and thank every single one of you for visiting and reading so loyally – it means more than I could ever say in one little post. When I started this blog seven months ago I wanted to create a space for women to have healthy and productive dialogues about marriage and tell our story in a way that would teach. It’s all coming true and that makes this blogger oh so very happy right now. I wanted to stop and just pause and enjoy the moment. (Something I rarely ever do.)

If I don’t say it enough, thank you ladies. Your continued support means the world to me and I’m so glad we’ve all become such good e-friends. Remember you can reach out to me any time and I promise to continue keeping you all posted on what’s up with The Watkins crew.

Now in closing, I want to ask that if you enjoy reading Man Wife and Dog please help get the word out and tell a friend. We welcome all Facebook and Twitter shout outs and we appreciate them so much.

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Okay, bye for now! And again, thank you!

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3 Things I Think My Husband Sees In Me

you are the one for me imageMy little Love Homework blog party hop idea inspired my girl Jocelyn over at The Science of Marriage Blog her own marriage talk blog hop. You already know I’m all about healthy conversation about marriage so I’m in and you should check it out too. This week the assignment was to “describe three reasons you feel your husband chose you to be his wife” than “share these reasons with him”. Here’s my “homework”!

I Said: I make him want to be a better person.

His Response: “The first time we hung up after one of our marathon phone talks I started cleaning up my room, and looking for a better job. Then I stopped and thought to myself: Uh-oh, she makes me want to do all of this? I think I’m falling in love, fast!”

I Said: I know how to make his darkest days just a little more brighter.

His Response: “When you’re not around I often refer to you as my air, my sunshine, and my reason. So yeah, you’re got that right.”

I Said: Although I’m known to splurge on shoes and bags and lip gloss I’m still very much a guy’s girl. Bring on the sports talk, rough housing, and couch slouching, baby!

His Response: “I realized that as long as you weren’t spending all my money on shoes I could really dig the fact that you don’t mind watching man-movies with me over and over again. Plus, I won’t lie, I think it’s cute that you hate bugs but scream and flip people off from the car during your road rage too. You’r so balanced.”

Time out: Is my husband a keeper or what? I love this man! Okay, back to business. If you think you might enjoy a little love assignment here and there as much as Jocelyn and I do, be sure to check us out each week. Her badge, and my badge are below! Happy Thursday girls!





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Who Wears The Shorts In Your Marriage?

jay z beyonce vacation italy france photosThought I meant pants? Nope, shorts is what we jokingly call it. You see it pisses The Man and I off every time we hear someone say something silly like, “we see who wears the pants in that relationship”. Who still believes in that barbaric crap? We like to think of our marriage as modern and sensible, and to buy into that whole “man wears the pants” thing is just plain out of the question for me. Nobody has to have all the control in a relationship to make it functional. What sense would that make? Love and marriage wouldn’t work without sharing, and if somebody’s wearing the “pants” what exactly is that you’re sharing? In my opinion, nothing! The said pants wearer would essentially be disrespecting the one they love. It’s disrespectful to feel that your say is final in any matter and the other persons’ is irrelevant, and it’s even more so to believe that in any partnership one person’s thoughts and feelings have less value than your own. Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Yes The Dog Has A Celeb Crush Too

victoria stilwell it's me or the dog book signing

The Dog got to meet her idol, Victoria Stilwell from Animal Planet’s It’s Me Or The Dog, and we were happy to take her to the book signing because we LOVE her show too. (Sorry Cesar Millan!!)

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NEW Flashmob Marriage Proposal At A Burger Joint in DC

Seriously, is this the new thing? I feel like this videos are popping up EVERYWHERE! Here’s an interesting flash mob proposal at Spike Mendelsohn’s “Good Stuff Eatery” on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.  She looks so embarrassed, but it’s sweet! Check it out.



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Win A ComfortTech Blanket For You and Him (Just In Time For Fathers Day)

comforttech micromink blanketsThe man and I love to cuddle up for a good movie when we’re trying to save money on date night. Since he’s a sweater and when I get too hot I fall asleep, we need a blanket that’s warm and cozy, but not overwhelming. In steps the luxurious ComfortTech Micromink Blanket. We love ours so much. It’s so soft (micromink on one side and microfiber on the other, hello!) and so warm (it has built in 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation like they use in ski suits) , but somehow light enough to be perfect for either a cool summer night with the windows open, or a chilly winter one. We’re so into ours right now that we fight over who gets it when we’d rather lay on our separate ends of the couch. Never ones not to share the love, we asked the makers of ComfortTech if they’d sponsor a special giveaway on Man Wife and Dog for Father’s Day – and they agreed!

We’re offering one lucky winner a chance to win two full sized ComfortTech Blankets – one for you and one for the dad in your life — just in time for Father’s Day. Here are the contest details:

NOTE: You must be fan of Man Wife and Dog Blog on Facebook to win. (Click here or visit the like box in the right sidebar to give us a thumbs up now!)

How To Enter

1. Leave a comment below naming the movie you most love to cuddle up and watch for one entry. (Be sure you’re a fan of Man Wife and Dog first!)

2. For a second additional entry become a fan of ComfortTech Blankets on Facebook then stop back by and leave another comment saying you did.

3. For a third entry follow Man Wife and Dog Blog on Twitter, then stop back by and leave a comment saying you did.

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5. For a fifth entry follow ComfortTech Blankets on Twitter, then stop back by and leave another comment saying so.

Each comment will count as one entry and one winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday June 8th, 2011. (Remember you must become a fan for all entries to count.) Good luck!

Disclaimer: We were not paid to run this review.

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