Must Watch Video: You Just Can’t Make Him Want to Marry You

My office bestie Charlise shared this gem with me at work yesterday. The video really doesn’t need an introduction but I will say this. I was recently talking to a friend about her frustrations with the fact that her boyfriend never quite seems ready to marry. When i saw this all i could think is, wow, those issues start earlier than we woman can ever imagine. Watch and laugh ladies!

[youtube width=”520″ height=”325″][/youtube]

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Just Asking: How Often Do You Say I Love You?

i love you noteMy husband said “I love you” first because I was too chicken to do it and I waited him out. Once he said it, I started saying it back, and there’s been nothing but “love” between us ever since. In fact, I’m starting to notice just how often we use the phrase “I love you.” We use it as a salutation: “Morning, love you!” We use it to show gratitude by adding it behind a “thank you.” We use it to say goodbye. We use it to say sorry…

To be honest we use it like six or seven times a day, occasionally two or three times in one phone conversation. When I spell this out it sounds sort of extreme to me, but if you were a fly on our wall listening in, I swear you’d think that though frequent, our use of the phrase “I love you” was always natural and appropriate.

On the other hand we spend times with lots of different couples and I don’t think I’ve ever heard some of them use the phrase to each other. Not saying they don’t say it; just saying not enough for a close friend to notice. Yet, they’re still obviously happy and in love. Continue reading

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Why We Shall Be Known As Mr. And Mrs. Honey Badger From Now On

Man and Wife in our honey badger shirtsHave you met the honey badger? “It’s pretty badass, look.” Now if you’re not laughing out loud right about now then you definitely haven’t seen the You Tube video sensation, The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall). It’s beyond hilarious and in a weird way very inspirational. Okay, you’re confused. I get it. Watch the video, and then I’ll explain right after, promise.

[youtube width=”520″ height=”380″][/youtube]

Now that you’re all caught up on all the awesomeness that is the honey badger, I’ll tell you how I came to know him and why we can’t get enough of him now. (See our t-shirts?) So The Man comes home one night from work and says, “My team and I are going to refer to ourselves as the honey badgers from now on at work!” Of course I’m baffled. So he opens up the laptop and shows me this video. After I almost choke on my iced tea from laughing hysterically the whole way through, I find myself compelled to watch it again, and again. Continue reading

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E-Mail Snooping Controversy: Is It Ever Okay to Check Your Husband or Wife’s Email?

gmail screenshot emailAdvice columnist Amy Dickinson, who’s behind the Ask Amy column in The Washington Post, came under fire this week when she gave what many felt was absolutely terrible advice. A woman wrote to her saying that her husband hated her best friend, and because of that, frequently read their private e-mails to one another and used what he found in them against her. Amy told the poor woman that she was just as wrong as her husband for letting her friend get in the way of her marriage. In fact she practically let the woman’s husband off the hook. Commenters were up in arms over the fact that Amy didn’t further scold the woman’s husband for checking her emails.

In my opinion there are quite a few issues worth addressing here; email snooping being the first. This is something I just don’t do simply because I wouldn’t want it done to me. Married or not, we all deserve privacy on some level. I don’t go near my husband’s e-mail inbox unless I’m specifically asked to do so. Case closed. I’m not even sure I remember the password to his account, though I know he’s given it to mee many times before. It’s just a road I don’t ever want to venture down in my marriage. I might find something I never needed to and make more out of it than I was ever meant to. This ladies’ husband has zero right to go fishing through her inbox! I do agree Amy was wrong to let him slide so easily. Continue reading

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MAN VS. WIFE: There Is A “Right Way” to Load the Dishwasher

the right way to load a dishwasherRant Alert: I’m about to spend about 300 words going off about something many of you could care less about. I get that, and I’m warning you ahead of time to stop reading now if you just throw your dishes into the dishwasher any old way. I may appear unbelievably anal to you if you keep reading…

Okay now that all that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business. I’m not a neat freak, by far, but I do believe there should be some organization involved when it comes to how dishes are placed in the dishwasher. The Man on the other hand does not. Whenever he’s on kitchen duty (which is admittedly more than I am) he literally just places any dish anywhere it fits. This means fragile glasses I carefully sought out at multiple Pier 1 Imports go on the bottom rack next to giant frying pans, and forks get thrown loosely up top where they can fall down and disable the washer mid-cycle.

When I open it up to unload behind him my jaw drops. It’s like a tornado struck inside. WTF? Really? He may not care that I paid way more than I should have for some of those dishes, but I sure do. If I had only asked him a few times to do it my way (aka “the right way” in my head) I wouldn’t be taking to the blog to vent, but I’ve seriously asked him hundreds of times to at least try it my way. Alas, nothing! Continue reading

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Fun Idea: “Toy” Around With Your Family Photos

man and dog hipstamatic photoThe Man and I recently gave up our protests and gave in to getting iPhones. I’m so happy we did! Forget all the silly reasons why we refused to succumb before, we did and we’re in app heaven now. Last week I discovered Hipstamatic, a photo app that lets you take photos that come out like they would if you used an old plastic toy camera. You can play with all sorts of lenses and flashes and I’m telling you it makes the family photo fun endless. We can’t put the damn thing down now. Every picture I take is my new favorite.

If you have an iPhone and you haven’t downloaded it already, do so, now. You’ll thank me for it, promise. In the meantime, we’re sharing our first of what is sure to be a weekly best-of hisptamatic photo roundup. (If you take some greats, would LOVE to see them too! Email ‘em my way!)

the dog hipstamaticThe Dog woke me up at 3am on a weekday night and then gave me this guilty face.

my husband in his fedora hipstamatic printMy dear hubby in his favorite hat (and mine too!)

the wife in black and white hipstamatic printSnapped by The Man. He says it’s my “sneaky smirk”…hmm..maybe…

The Dog napping hipstamaticI was up late working and seriously jealous of The Dog right about then.

sunset on our street in boomfield new jerseyOur peaceful suburban street on a Sunday. Continue reading

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